Exit Puzzle – Space Observatory Mystery Jigsaw

Looking for something different to do at home, I came across Ravensburger Exit Puzzles, which combine a jigsaw puzzle and an “escape room” mystery. The first title we tried was their Space Observatory 759pc Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle.


While out for an evening stroll you notice a strange light in the sky. Out of curiosity you entered the astronomy section of a nearby library and chanced upon a letter from a professor warning that a meteorite was racing toward Earth. Although the professor had built a device capable of saving the world, they could not activate it.

It was now up to us to save the planet!

Ravensburger Exit Puzzle - photo by Juliamaud
Ravensburger Exit Puzzle – photo by Juliamaud

Completing the puzzles

The minimal story in the leaflet was all the information we got to solve the mystery, plus a sealed envelope containing the final answer, and a link to helpful website. So, first things first, we set about completing the jigsaw……

The Jigsaw

It took us a couple of days to put the jigsaw puzzle together. To start with, the leaflet said that the picture on the box was not the picture on the puzzle. So we ignored the picture and started trying to construct the jigsaw blindly. Turns out the final picture was very similar to the one on the box. Doh!

The pieces were very dark and building the edges was not easy. While the leaflet said to “pay attention to the edges”, that really applies to the puzzles at the end, not to the jigsaw. Instead it is easier to complete coloured areas of the jigsaw and move outwards.

Oh, and in the middle of the puzzle, there are books. Lots and lots of them.

Solving the Mystery

Once the picture was complete it was time to save the world.

The professor’s warning letter told us we needed to build a laser to stop the asteroid. Also, the leaflet told us there were 6 puzzles within the picture.

We spotted numbers/codes on the picture but could have done with a little more instruction on what to do with them. For example, were the solutions we were seeking numbers or words or both? And what should we do with them anyway?

So, we solved the puzzles and opened the envelope. Then we spotted the missing step and it all became clear.

World Saved. Job done.


I have since read online that the Space Observatory Mystery or the Witches Kitchen are the first you should do, so I’ve ordered the Witches Kitchen to try next.

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