Awaiting exam results can be stressful

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August can be stressful as you await your exam results

  • Did you do enough revision?
  • How lenient will they be with the marking?
  • Did you read the question correctly or skim it and make some stupid mistake?

Maybe you should have just stolen the exam paper!

Well, no, in real life you shouldn’t. But for an escape room adventure that’s just what we were asked to do.

An Eccentric Professor’s Final Exams

On a trip to Madrid we tried out the escape room “Exit Madrid”. Luckily the game was available in English as well as Spanish.

We played The Lab, a medium to high level game that was created in 2010. Our mission was to steal an exam paper from our lecturers office because we’d been partying rather than revising. Would we find the paper and discover what´s on Prof. Calm´s next exam?

As with other escape rooms, this one starts by locking you in a room, where you can only escape if you complete the mission. We were given 66 minutes to complete it and were warned that 45% of the teams don’t succeed in escaping the room at EXIT Game Madrid. 


Pleased to say that, with a few hints from the Games Master, we completed the mission with nearly 3 minutes to spare.

Escaping from Exit-Games-Madrid
Escaping from Exit-Games-Madrid

Delivering the unexpected

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The Postal Museum opens on 28 July 2017

‘British postal services helped to shape the modern world. The Postal Museum works to connect people through this human story of communication, industry and innovation by making it accessible to all.’

The Postal Museum’s Collections Development Policy

The collection spans five centuries of history, revealling Britain’s remarkable social and communications history.

Exhibits include stamps, letters, greetings cards, postcards and even song sheets. There is a collection of post boxes and operational equipment. Tools such as handstamps, sorting machinery and furniture are on display, as are horse-drawn or motorised vehicles and train carriages.


A network of automated trains stretched from Paddington to Whitechapel and kept the capital’s communication network flowing for over 75 years. While millions of items of mail were delivered every day deep beneath the streets of London, Postal workers were forbidden from travelling on the train.

But now you can experience the ride.

The subterranean rail ride – MailRail – is due to open to the public on 4th September. It is currently available for private group events. Ride through the hidden tunnels and discover a unique piece of industrial heritage, then explore the galleries packed with objects, stories and interactive displays.


MailRail by Juliamaud
MailRail by Juliamaud


The Invitation To Events team, including an ex-Post Office Engineer, were privileged to get a trip on the train ahead of its opening to the public.

visiting mailrail with Squaremeal
Invitation To Events visiting Mailrail with Squaremeal

The Invitation To Events team plan on another trip to see the museum, so if you’d like to join them sign up for our Newsletter and you’ll be kept informed of this and other exciting visits and events. Click here to join the club

Demented dolls and a scheming ventriloquist dummy….. 

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One of our friends invited us to take part in Handmade Mysteries latest escape room.

We were told to meet at The Depot and await instructions. At the appointed moment, Wynne, our wooden, toy soldier guide arrived to take us to Poppa Plock’s wonky workshop.

First impressions on entering the toy factory was that it was very creepy.  Twisted toys and demented dolls littered the room and there was a freaky ventriloquist dummy giving instructions.

Our team were under pressure in a race against the clock to complete Plock’s finest creation.

Did we succeed in building “Roy”? Did we discover why the toy maker mysteriously disappeared? Did we share some bizarre moments? (Those who have played the game know what I’m talking about!)

Well, I’m pleased to say we completed the build within time. However, the photographic evidence suggested we may have overrun slightly.

Clever and Wise Team Photo
Clever and Wise Team Photo



Searching for something to do for Father’s Day?

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Are you looking for something different to do with your family around Father’s Day?

Would you like to take Dad, and the rest of the crew, around London, but not sure where to go?

Want to help Dad release his inner Indiana Jones into the bargain?

Treasure Hunts In London have got you covered with a treasure hunt exploring Piccadilly !

Take Dad on a Treasure Hunts In London adventure

The Father’s Day Treasure Hunt

The Father’s Day Treasure Hunt takes place on Sunday 18th June 2017.

This is a full afternoon of entertainment, exploring the area around Piccadilly.

By taking part in this intriguing quest, you and your guests will discover commemorations to people who were nice and to some that were a little bit naughty. Search to find answers to the clues and take part in challenges and photo assignments. Try your best to win points as prizes are awarded to the winners and there are chances for bonus prizes along the way.

After the hunt, enjoy a drinks reception in a Listed building.

With three hours of fun what are you waiting for?

Book your tickets today!

A wetland adventure 

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A group of us went to Slimbridge Wetland Centre on a wetland adventure. We spent a pleasant morning wandering around looking at the birds and animals.

Slimbridge Wetland Centre was the first Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) to be opened. Set up by Peter Scott, it opened on 10 November 1946, near Slimbridge in Gloucestershire, midway between Bristol and Gloucester on the eastern side of the estuary of the River Severn.


The Slimbridge Wetland Centre is the only place in the world where you can see all six species of flamingo. The centre contains brightly coloured Caribbean flamingos, Lesser flamingos, greater flamingos, Chilean flamingos, Andean flamingos and one James’ flamingo. Slimbridge also breeds flamingos annually. The short grey straight beaked chicks look very different to their parents as they develop the characteristic pink feathers a couple of years later.
Had we realised there were six species to find, we’d have conducted a mini treasure hunt to find them all. However we hadn’t had a welcome talk, just been set free to roam, so we had no idea. We were just surprised by the number of flamingos there. In fact, Ian and I were reminded of the Monty Python travelogue, otherwise known as more *%*% gondolas, as there appeared to be flamingos everywhere.

flamingos at wetlands3

Why do flamingos like to stand on one leg?

Flamingos stand on one leg to regulate their body temperature.

Matthew Anderson and Sarah Williams at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia found that flamingos prefer to rest with their heads on one side more than the other, and that which side a flamingo rests its head determines how aggressive it is toward others in the flock. This led them to investigate whether flamingos prefer to stand on one leg more than the other, and why they stand on one leg at all. They found the birds showed no preference for which leg they stood on. But they did find that flamingos prefer to stand on one leg far more often when they are standing in water than when standing on land. The researchers concluded that the birds stand on one leg to conserve body heat. They also discovered the birds  alternate which leg they stand on to avoid one leg becoming too cold in the water.

Slimbridge Wetland Centre lets you time yourself standing on one leg. The aim is to last for two minutes and our group found it was harder than it looked.

joining in the interactive activitiy


Happy Easter

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easter bunny with eggs (Hare and Bell)
Easter Bunny with eggs (Hare and Bell) copyright Juliamaud

Park Life Easter Treasure Hunts

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Get your thinking caps and comfy shoes on and come exploring Lambeth parks 

This Easter bring your friends and family on a treasure hunt through the parks of Vauxhall.

As well as some large parks, find smaller areas that are like an oasis within the dense urban setting. Discover nature. Not just trees, flowers and plants, but animals and insects along the way.

Oh, and did I mention that the clues for this hunt will be Haiku’s?

Vauxhall Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London

Tickets are available for

Friday 14th April and Saturday 15th April

Park Life Easter Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London

Friday 14th April 2017


Park Life Easter Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London


Saturday 15th April 2017