Escape The Room Jigsaw – The Unicorn

On a walk in an ancient forest, something magical attracted us into the depths of the historic woodland. In a sunlit clearing we discovered a sad but magnificent unicorn, whose magical powers had been lost in a battle with an evil sorcerer. The unicorn pleaded for our assistance to help them regain their magical powers. Confused, concerned but determined, we began our quest for the lost magic.…

No this wasn’t another magical trip to Epping Forest.

Yes, we had unwrapped another Exit Puzzle jigsaw. This Ravensburger 759pc Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle had a unicorn theme and required us to restore magic.

Exit Puzzle - The Unicorn - photo by Juliamaud
Exit Puzzle – The Unicorn – photo by Juliamaud

The puzzle image, as with previous jigsaws in the series, is not the same as the picture on the box, so we had to guess the picture. In this case the box and the story proved helpful. which was just as well, as it was quite a difficult jigsaw. Like the Witches Kitchen, we were able to complete the edges before attempting the middle.

Then we had to solve the 7 mysteries hidden within the puzzle.

There was a QR code in the instruction booklet that could be scanned to give additional clues. This was the first time we’d needed to use this. One puzzle was difficult to fathom and we (correctly) guessed the answer. By checking the QR hints we found out why we had got the right answer.

The solution to the task was a list of numbers that related to pieces around the edge of the jigsaw. These pieces fitted together to solve our quest. Having solved the puzzles we checked our answer with the one in the sealed envelope.

We recommend the Ravensburger Exit Jigsaw Puzzles and Escape Jigsaw Puzzles. All have been great fun to do.

All are available from Amazon

Escape The Room Unicorn

Space Observatory Mystery


Witch’s Kitchen

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