The Celestial Chain

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Having played the Lance of Longinus, my team were ready to take on Time Run’s Celestial Chain mission. We gathered at Time Run HQ in Helmsley Place and met Aubrey for our mission briefing.

The Celestial Chain

As before, at 6:30pm sharp, the door swung open to reveal the Time Portal and the start of our time travelling adventure.

It appeared that a rogue goddess, once imprisoned, had broken free of The Celestial Chain. We were charged with gathering items needed to bind her once again……or risk the end of the world!

It was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Following the briefing we moved to the staging room. Here we “met”  Luna’s other assistant, a robot called  Babbage, who was to be our guide between the time portals. A few more instructions from Luna, then my team set off across space and time, gathering artefacts and solving puzzles.

Collecting the artefacts

You only get 12 minutes per room to collect the artefacts, before you have to move on through the next time portal.

I’d read reports that you don’t have enough time to solve all the puzzles before you are moved on. Some reviewers had found this frustrating, and I’ll admit, it put me off playing this game. However, I spoke to a fellow enthusiast who said the puzzles equate to points. You move on through the next time portal with the artefacts you’ve collected and the points you’ve scored, so aim to collect as much as possible and score as much as possible.

With that in mind, we discovered there was enough time to attempt most of the puzzles in each room, even if you didn’t always succeed.

There is a lot of reading in each room, especially the second room, which has low lighting. We struggled to read some instructions and to see the puzzles clearly in this room. However, we were still able to collect two of the three artefacts required before moving on.

At the end we were given a score card listing our teams achievements and accomplishments. The “Skill Points” are a weighted measure of overall success. At 94 out of 100 points we were all very pleased with ourselves.

Time Run

This team, Babbage decided, were “the Calm”, as we sailed through time with glacial grace – moving at our own pace and calm under pressure. Perhaps a little too calm under pressure….

Time Run is a high production escape room in London. If you haven’t played both these games, book now as there’s only so long left.

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Professor Oxford’s Experiments

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Escape Land is located on Oxford Street and houses two escape rooms, Professor Oxford’s Experiments and Da Vinci’s Exploration

Professor Oxford’s Experiments, is an adaptation of their earlier Escape from the Age of Steampunk. The latter game was my first experience of Escape Rooms and started my love of them.

The Plot

Locked inside the Mad Professor’s house, you and your team travel back in time 100 years. Your mission is to find the Professor and use his time travelling machine to come back to the present.

From what I remember there are plenty of locked drawers and codes and numerical combinations to find. This was a low tech room with solid wooden components and tactile puzzles. The physical puzzles often needed player cooperation. I’ve seen, but not played, the new game, which includes an interesting new addition. I haven’t played this version yet, as the website warns it’s too similar to be attempted by players who’ve done the previous version.

A good example of a traditional room with a ‘get out of the room’ goal.

Treasure Hunters in Escape Land 1

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The Tomb

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Don your fedora and whip and start solving the mystery!

Stumbling inside an Egyptian tomb (in Cardiff), it’s time to unleash your inner Indiana Jones. You are there to search for a missing explorer, Howard Carter. Unfortunately you’ve just set off a booby trap and now you only have 60 minutes before the walls of the tomb come down around you. Time to think, and walk, like an Egyptian, if you want to get out of this one in time…

The Tomb is by Escape Rooms Cardiff. As this is an Egyptian tomb, the floor is covered with sand and there are hieroglyphs on the walls. The room is also set in darkness.

Normally I would say I’m not a fan of playing in darkness but this one proved fun.One of the great things about the room is that you have to explore using wind up torches. An added interactive element to the adventure.

The puzzles themselves are also in keeping with the plot.  As the story is set in an ancient tomb, instead of technology, there are lots of tactile things to do. The games are well thought out and fit the Egyptian theme of the room.

Good fun.


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Happy New Year 

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Welcome to 2018

Time to Explore, Discover, Experience


Enjoy Your New Year Celebrations

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However you are spending your

New Year Celebrations,

have a great night!

Merry Christmas

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We wish you a Merry Christmas !


Think you’ve got what it takes to stop a runaway train?

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London’s first ever two player escape game is called 2 Tickets 2 Ride. It is produced by Clue Adventures, who also produce Book of Secrets. Set under railway arches between Limehouse and Mile End, the game was inspired by the overground rumbling above the venue and the Elizabeth line planned to run below.

The plot

The story goes that a mad man is threatening to sink London into the ground.

You and your partner must work together to find out who this mad man and his gang are and to stop his evil plan. To do this you will have to comply with his orders and solve the puzzles he has set.

As the adventure is set on the London underground, you’ll wear wireless headphones to communicate. The two of you must work your way from station platform, to train and back to street level relying on your puzzle solving skills.

Will you be able to stop a runaway train and save London?



Another recommended adventure by  Clue Adventures.

Clue Adventures co-founder and producer Paul Andrews. Photos by Holly Cant


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