Cluequest Online

We really loved playing clueQuest (Plan 52 and Operation Black Sheep) so when they suggested we try the clueQuest experience at home how could we resist?

They have a series of Print + Cut + Escape games using the same characters as the live clueQuest experience. All you need to do is download the pdf, print the file, cut out the puzzles and play. Oh, and you will also need to access the Online Game System to input your answers. Sounds easy doesn’t it.
There are three missions available.
  • The first is Stolen IQ, where you help Lisa Hammerschmidt track down the evil Professor BlackSheep.
  • The second is Alpha Brain System where you help Lisa and Mr Q free the kidnapped scientist and continue the chase.
  • We played the third game – Humanity 2.0. For this we had to help clueQuest end the Professor’s plan to destroy the minds of all humanity.
Humanity 2.0 is one story split over a number of episodes – Prologue, Episode I, Episode II and Episode III. We took breaks between episodes, by using the restart option, so it’s difficult to know how long it took to play the game overall. I think it was around 45 mins in total.
Before we started playing we had to print out and cut up the game. Not difficult or time consuming. ClueQuest acknowledge that Print+Cut+Escape games require a fair amount of paper and to help lower the impact on the environment they have joined with Ecologi  who will plant 50 trees on clueQuest’s behalf each month. 
Having cut out our pages, we entered an activation code to the computer and got additional story, a game timer, access to hints and the answer verification system.

Humanity 2.0

We entered the clueQuest universe of Mr Q, professor Black Sheep etc so everything we needed to play the game was in front of us – either on screen or on paper. We did not have to search the internet for answers.
Our mission started with an intro video and the prologue.  A straight forward puzzle to ease us into the game. 
Episode I caused a lot of frustration, as it was not clear that it was a two part puzzle. We enjoyed the first part but expected a “reward” to indicate we were moving on to part two. We realised our mistake by using the hint system.
After a restorative break we were back for Episode II. This was another two-parter, but with clear breaks between puzzles.
Episode III was another fun puzzle.
ClueQuest have built their own fantasy universe with puzzles that work well in physical escape rooms and at home. If you can visit their escape rooms, please do. But if you can’t their Print + Cut + Escape game is a great alternative. Stay safe and defeat Professor BlackSheep.

Disclosure: clueQuest kindly provided City Adventurers/Treasure Hunts in London reviewers with a complimentary play. This does not impact our opinion on the review.


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