Join The City Adventurers Online As An Armchair Detective

Fancy being a City Adventurer? Are you a budding Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes? Find you often solve the crime before the TV detectives? Do you love solving puzzles and answering quizzes? Are you excited by finding new places to visit? Get access to all our adventures and start planning your own by becoming an … More Join The City Adventurers Online As An Armchair Detective

Panic Room

Harlow – home of a crazy conspiracy theorist. A man who had been bombarding the newspapers with all kinds of insane nonsense about the government. A man that had devoted his life to the supernatural and paranormal investigations.
A man who was now dead! … More Panic Room

Temple Quest

How many of you remember the famous explorer Rex Hunter? No, me neither. It turns out that two years ago he mysteriously disappeared whilst on a quest to retrieve the Golden Monkey. A few months ago, The City Adventurers were enlisted by the Royal Institute to investigate the disappearance of Rex and complete his mission. … More Temple Quest