Although this game had been recommended by a number of website, it took City Adventurers three attempts to play Chapter 1.

The game took ages to load so we gave up the first time. The second time, I got through the initial pages, which were like entering a story book and got stuck when I hit the map. It wasn’t clear the goal was to fill in all the place names. I thought I’d be trying to visit the places listed instead. Hey ho, third attempt two of us tried and this time we were able to complete chapter one.

The game is like entering a storybook as it is text driven. As you make your way through the adventure, you get to choose what to look at next or which direction to go. Yes, it is reminiscent of those adventure books with optional paths.

Visual and audio is used in the puzzles. It can help to have a pen and paper and take notes. There was also one puzzle that required your phone. Or should I say mobile phone. Yes, we tried the landline first (quaint) but that didn’t work.

Medogan suggests it is aimed at single players but it worked OK for a couple.



Chapter 1

You are due to get married and your best friend  has organised “The I-Do Crew” to have a pre-wedding weekend at the Hawthorne Inn in Medogan. You jump in your car and set off…….

Play Chapter 1 On a Laptop Or Desktop at

Chapter 2 is available from $2.50 USD from

Chapter 3 is available from $2.50 USD from

The 4th and final episode will be under development soon.


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