Palace of Destiny

The Palace of Destiny is an online puzzle adventure by It is more of a puzzle hunt than an escape room as you work your way through the rooms of the palace. City Adventurers have been playing this game individually, and as teams, for a couple of weeks. So far some of us have reached room 15, and finished chapter 4 of the Palace of Destiny.

Palacesphere keep releasing more rooms, so will we ever fully escape?

In some ways I hope not. I hope they keep adding puzzles as they are fun to solve. Some can be solved using the information within the room. Some require searching the internet. All are themed.

Luckily the game saves your progress so you can complete it in stages. Don’t forget to have paper and a pen handy too.

Try it out at

Palace of Destiny

Join City Adventurers and start solving puzzles…..

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