Unlock the Future

  • Think you can solve the problem of climate change?

  • Think you can do it in 90 minutes?

This is a game DIY Escape Game that was developed by Emmy Pater, Carlotta Harms and Kyara Smit. It aims to help players understand and tackle Climate Change. Taking part in the game is free….and you get to participate in their research (This Escape Game was developed as a part of Emmy’s Master Thesis.)

To play Unlock the Future, you need 1 Game Host and 3-5 players. the game can be printed out, set up and played anywhere indoors. The website warns that the host will have a lot to set up ahead of the game. All the instructions are provided digitally for the host, along with details of materials necessary for play.

Can your team discover the clues and solve the riddles, to unlock a better future… before it is too late?

Download the game here

polar-bear by pixundfertig
polar-bear by pixundfertig

City Adventurers Review

Although City Adventurers have downloaded the game we have not played it yet. Why? Well, you need at least 3 team members plus a host to be together and, due to lockdown, we have not had that many people together at once. We hope to UNLOCK this game in THE FUTURE!

Join City Adventurers and escape the room…..

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