Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Have you ever wondered how you’d fare in a zombie apocalypse?

Should there suddenly be an outbreak of hostile zombies, you’d hope the government had a plan of action. You’d also hope that there was a dedicated team of medics working on a cure.

  • The good news is that there is such a facility in East London where this sort of research is taking place. 
  • The bad news is that one of the scientists, Dr Oxy has accidentally managed to turn himself turned into a zombie!

Our team of six plucky explorers rushed to offer what assistance they could.

We meet up with two other teams at Trapped in London’s East Village. None of us had ever met before, but we were advised that all three teams would need to work together. The 11 of us now had to form an international team of zombie researchers.

Dr Oxy

Dr Oxy’s colleague explained that Dr Oxy had become infected with a zombie virus while working in his lab. In a moment of lucidity,  he had managed to chain himself up to carry on his research. 

Our newly formed team had to enter the lab with Dr Oxy’s colleague to review the doctor’s work. However, as soon as we entered the lab we immediately found ourselves trappedThe only way out of the room was to find the exit key.

Easier said than done, as Dr Oxy was still in the lab…..somewhere ……….

He did not stay hidden for long and was soon terrorising everyone in the room as he roamed around on a chain that got a foot longer every five minutes.


“Trapped” Team Photo

Although we’d never met before, it did not take long for everyone to start working together. There were certain people who naturally took the lead in solving clues and others who took the lead in distracting the zombie.

We thought we were sharing information quite well, but apparently we were not communicating as well as we could have been. Luckily Dr Oxy’s assistant was on hand to offer hints when necessary. She was also able to open a puzzle that had stuck.

The clues and puzzles were a standard mix of logical, observation and physical. All were made harder by the fact that there was a zombie in the room with us.

The zombie could move round the floor pretty fast. And the longer we played, the longer his chain became. Consequently the further he could reach. Sad to say I was the first to get caught and got sent to the quarantine area. Although no longer able to search for clues, I could still offer verbal assistance to the team.

Trapped with a zombie - photo by juliamaud
Trapped with a zombie

We managed to find the exit key and escape the lab in 56 minutes…….although a few of us had become Zombie Bait by then. Well done Sharon for being the only member of our team not to get bitten. Trapped with a zombie - photo by juliamaud

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