City Adventurers try to save the country….again.

The City Adventurers have experience of hunting down double agents, (Plan 52, Breaking The Law ) so we were  excited to be asked to help MI6. Our assistance was needed to trace a double agent before they fled the country.

This time our base of command would be an MI6 surveillance van, where we would have all of MI6’s resources at our fingertips.

We were about to be TRAPPED UNDERCOVER.


Stepping into the world of Espionage

The MI6 surveillance van was stationed at the “Trapped” site in Stratford’s East Village. It was alongside the zombie research lab we visited last year.

Battling our way through storm Dennis, we arrived early enough for to pass through security clearance, ie to fill in the consent forms, accepting the terms and conditions of the game. 

Agent Bennet then showed us into the surveillance van and explained that we had been recruited to assist MI6’s Intelligence Division with a highly sensitive case. Intel had come in that there was a double agent that has stolen national secrets. We had to find out who they were and alert Agent Cook so the double agent could be stopped before they left the country.

Some of us were given additional special assignments – communications, note taking etc. Then we watched a briefing from Agent Cook before our hour of immersive interaction, puzzle-solving and surveillance began. With the clock ticking it was important we didn’t fail. 

Unfortunately we did fail. 😦

But we did manage to find the Double Agents accomplice and get them stopped. So half our tasks were solved.

During the debrief, Agent Bennet congratulated us for getting as far as we did and explained what still needed to be completed.


City Adventurers at Trapped

City Adventurers at Trapped


Trapped undercover is a new immersive experience is designed for six players. (Having five players was not the reason we failed.)

Being trapped in a high tech surveillance van means that most of the puzzles are tech puzzles. Sometimes these worked well. Other times the tech failed (teething problems of a new game?). Some problems were overcome by the universal method of switching it off and switching it on again.

There were a couple of non-tech puzzles thrown into the puzzle mix, but it should be noted there was a noticeable lack of combination locks. So if you love your puzzles lock heavy, this is not the game for you.

Although we failed to stop the double agent, we did manage to stop their accomplice. So we still had a sense of achievement at the end of the game.

We all agreed we’d had a fun experience being Trapped Undercover.

team-photo-city adventurers
team photo- city adventurers

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