Fairground Felony

This appeared on City Adventurers

Now it’s summer, the City  Adventurers were excited that Faskin’s Fairground had come to town. Who doesn’t love the thrill of the rides, the sweet sugary smell of candy floss and the sound of the old-time music ringing throughout the park……?
However, as we approached the fair, we sensed something was not right. The circus lights were not flashing, the rides were empty and there was not a single inflatable balloon in sight!

We had found Fairground Felony, the new online game by Clue Cracker.

Our help was urgently needed. Someone had sabotaged the fair!
And they had stranded the fairground folk on the broken-down roller coaster that was about to derail, unless we could stop it……..

We set about navigating our way around the different rides and side shows, solving fairground puzzles as we went. Our trip around the fair was interspersed with videos that enhanced the story. So it’s not just a puzzle quest but a mini show at the same time.

There was a good mixture of puzzles, some more taxing than others. All the information you need to solve the puzzle is there, just like in a good escape room. You don’t need to search the internet for answers.

Once you have the right answer, you type it into the answer box and a box lights up for you to move on. If you’ve got it wrong, nothing happens, so don’t wait for a “try again” message. Just keep trying until you are allowed to move on.

However, if you do need help with any puzzles, there is a three hint system – gentle nudges to help you solve the puzzle and then if you still can’t get it, you have the option to see the solution.

This game lasts for up to 90 minutes, so involves more puzzle levels than the previous Clue Cracker game we played. It is suitable for all ages. It doesn’t involve massive amounts of written text and no printer is required.

We saved the day in 80 minutes 24 seconds.

Highly recommended Online Escape Game from cluecrackeronline


fairground felony completed

ClueCracker offer a range of game packages

  • You can purchase a single game for a single household
  • Or a “Family and Friends” bundle, giving two households access to the one game
  • Or The Complete Collection for a single household
  • Or The Complete Collection for Multi households
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