The Heathcliff Manor Murder

This first appeared on Solve The Murder –

We were invited to Heathcliff Manor, where Lord Heathcliff was hosting a dinner party to celebrate his recent marriage. But before anyone could toast his happiness, Lord Heathcliff was killed with the candlestick in the pool room.

This was Murder at the Manor and we had to discover who snuffed out his candle!

For this murder mystery party the murderer was secretly chosen on the night. It could have been any of the assembled guests.

We all had a character booklet and a set of questions that needed to be asked each round. Everyone took it in turns asking two questions, until all had been revealed.

When we were asked a question, we had a choice of script to use; either the innocent script, or, if we were the murderer, the guilty script. We were tasked with keeping track of the questions and answers and spotting the clues that the guilty party gave away.

Unfortunately, although lots of accusations were made at the end of the night, no-one successfully deduced the murderer!

The game can be played more than once as the guilty party can be changed each time it is played. It is available to buy from Amazon

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