Dragon and Flagon London Pub Tours

One Friday evening we gathered at Chancery Lane Tube Station to join Vic Norman on one of his Dragon and Flagon London Pub Tours.

Dragons mark the borders of the square mile of the City of London and give part of the name of this tour. The other half of the name – Flagon – is the name of a large container in which drink is served and also a word meaning the amount of liquid held in a flagon.

After a quick talk about the city of London, we headed to a very hidden pub which contains the remains of the cherry tree Queen Elizabeth I danced around. After a quick drink we were off to the next pub, with more stories of London’s heritage on route.

During the evening we visited a range of taverns including a Grade 1 listed building that used to be the Bank of England and a Grade 2 listed building that is associated with a number of literary figures.

A great night out exploring on an historic trail with good drinks. What more could you want?

To join one of Vic’s walking Pub Tours visit https://londonpubtours.weebly.com/
Vic also sells PUB TOUR VOUCHERS FOR XMAS which are valid for a year

Dragon and Flagon London Pub Tours.

Vic  Norman manages to combines his love of history with a love of London’s historic pubs. Each guided pub tour includes a walking tour of London with stops at historic and (in Vic’s opinion) best public houses.

Along the way you’ll discover half a dozen great pubs, each with a story to tell. He may lead you to a hidden gem tucked away down a side street or alleyway that a typical visitor might not venture down. He may take you to a pub on a main road that is of particular historic interest. And as you walk from pub to pub, Vic stops off to impart some more of his knowledge of London’s heritage.

At each watering hole he is on hand to offer suggestions of beers and/or gins to try.

Dragon and Flagon London Pub Tour - photo by Juliamaud
Dragon and Flagon London Pub Tour – photo by Juliamaud

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