A Taste For Murder

Would you believe we’d had another mystery invitation to celebrate a surprise wedding?

This time it was Mr Boddy who had asked Lady Peacock to be his bride.

Grooms don’t seem to have much luck at the weddings we’ve been invited to recently. There was poor Lord Heathcliff who was killed with the candlestick in the pool room and, last year, Captain Sam Hill got a nasty surprise at his nuptials.

So would Mr Henry Boddy fare any better?

Unfortunately not. For this was a Murder Mystery by Moneypenny Murder Mystery Productions

A Taste For Murder

Celebrating Agatha Christie week, this murder mystery took place at Waddingtons Hall (aka Wansted Library). Our team of eight sleuths joined Mr Henry Boddy and Lady Isabelle Peacock together with their new vicar, Rev Brunswick Green, and Miss Blanche White the housekeeper/nurse.

After much deliberation we were able to say with certainty, who-dun-it……..then we talked ourselves out of it! Never mind. It was a fun filled evening and we look forward to their next production.

Suspects and victim at A Taste Of Murder - photo by Juliamaud
Suspects and victim at A Taste Of Murder – photo by Juliamaud

A Taste for Murder! A classic comedy country house crime in which YOU are the detective!

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