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Another Murder Mystery at UCL

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It didn’t seem that long ago that my intrepid team of investigators were dispatched to UCL Museums to solve a fiendish murder mystery. Now our help was needed again.

This time a young curator had disappeared.


The next few hours were spent combing the UCL museums, searching for clues. The team visited the Grant Museum of Zoology and discovered the suspect Doris Mackinnon. They moved on to the Petrie Museum where Violette LaFleur came under suspicion. On to the UCL Art Museum where Winifred Knights was implicated. Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the final name in the frame, found in the pop-up pathology museum.

This event was more of a treasure hunt than a murder mystery. At each location the team answered clues and found letters that feed into a larger puzzle.



Yes, my team found the answers to all the clues and the names of all the suspects, as well as the room codes, but we failed to win the final prize.

A fun night out that ended with burgers, wraps and ice creams outside UCL.



At this “Teddy Bears Picnic” things are not as innocent as they seem!

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Enter the 1980’s world of big business, big shoulders and fluffy toys

On Saturday night our team of investigators stepped back in time to to play the ITM Games murder mystery dinner party “Teddy Bears Picnic”.

Map of Edwards House copyright ITM Games
Map of Edwards House copyright ITM Games

The plot of “Teddy Bears Picnic”

It was the fifth anniversary of Edwards Toys, the company formed by Chester Toyes, Penny Whistle and the late Theo Edwards. Preparations were in hand for the launch of a new Teddy Bear range called “Teddy Bears Picnic”.

The City Adventurers had been invited to join Chester Toyes at the launch of the new range. We gathered at E-Four Indian Fusion in Chingford that was doubling as Edwards House, former home of the Theo Edwards. The house was still occupied by Theo’s widow, Babette, and her new husband Chester Toyes.

Incident Report:

At 5pm, Chester Toyes was found murdered by the side of the lake. The body was discovered by one of the security staff and Ryan Storey, a journalist on the estate. There were multiple stab wounds to the body. No murder weapon was found…….

Who could have done it?

Well, it turns out it was one of us!

But was it Babette Toyes, making herself a merry widow for the second time?

Or did his business partner, the designer Penny Whistle, have designs on taking over the company?

Had Chester become too personal with his personal assistant, Carrie Honor Fair ?

Maybe the accountant, Kash D Spencer, felt it was time to cash in Chester’s chips.

Did Ernest Statements, Chester’s  right hand man,  have anything to state?

And don’t forget the journalist, Ryan Storey. Did the hack take a knife to Chester?

We all had clue packs with information about ourselves and about the others around the table. We also had a map of the house and grounds to help our investigations.

A fun night, with great food and a great game.

Want to try it for yourself? “Teddy Bears Picnic”  is available from ITM Games  at Check out their other murder mystery games too

Diving into the murky world of Cold War espionage

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Something was up in the world of aviation and our team were sent to investigate. The venue was a glamorous London hangout, where several suspects would be lurking. We arrived at the dangerous location, filled with spies, jet setters and cocktails, to start our mission.

We were told that a small plane had come down just outside London. It seemed that the lone pilot was killed not in the crash, but by a jump with a sabotaged parachute.

This was murder!

Could it be an act of petty revenge, or something much, much more?

After all, the aircraft was sporting some fearsome new technology that could tip the delicate balance of global power……

Dead Drop

This interactive murder mystery game was designed for groups of 3 to 5 players by A Door In A Wall. I’ve wanted to play one of their games for years and so was really looking forward to taking part.

Our mission briefing suggested we blend in by wearing appropriate attire for 1969. Unfortunately our mission also coincided with the Beast from the East hitting London. So putting together a suitable costume meant finding

  • something 60’s themed
  • something that would fit
  • something warm enough

I opted for “hippy” with lots of layers (for warmth) and beads. [Remember the Woodstock Festival took place in 1969, so I deemed it appropriate attire.] However, it turns out that blending in with spies requires more of a “Swinging London” mod look. I appeared to be the only hippy in a room of groovy chicks. Hey ho, not to worry.

We arrived at Wringer + Mangle in Spitalfields ready for the game which took place in the downstairs bar. The game had been especially written for the venue and play took place throughout the main bar and side rooms.

We meet Sam, the owner of the cocktail bar and his staff, plus an array of curious and intriguing characters. We gathered evidence, solved cryptic clues and exchanged coded information. We even deduced the murderer correctly, until, at the last moment, a startling new piece of evidence caused us to change our submission. The mistake cost us dearly, as we’d been right until then.

After the answers are marked, the cast return to act out the big reveal. Cue kicking ourselves for not sticking to our guns.

These live action games combine narrative, puzzles and character interactions. We found and solved most of the clues, although there were points we missed. There was also one solution we could not read – The writing was so small I couldn’t even see it! My husband eventually managed to persuade someone to read it to him.

A great evenings entertainment. And I’m already looking forward to the next one.

All credit for these images goes to: Robert Boulton Photography for A Door In The Wall
All credit for these images goes to: Robert Boulton Photography for A Door In The Wall

All credit for these images goes to: Robert Boulton Photography for A Door In The Wall





A Murderous Brood

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The latest murder mystery adventure from Invitation To Events is a hen-night murder mystery for 14 ladies.

A Murderous Brood

Everyone was excited about the upcoming wedding of Dan and Marie.

While Dan was away watching rugby on his stag trip, the hens celebrated Marie’s final days as a single woman with a trip to Bosanova, where the Bride’s parents live, followed by a spa retreat in England.

The first part of the trip was filled with shopping, sightseeing and clubbing organised by the bride’s friend Connie.

However, there were also a couple of last minute additions to the guest plan in Bosanova, before the party moved to England.

The game begins as everyone is relaxing at the Love and Peace Retreat. Or are they?……

Suddenly there is a loud explosion!

The “Welcome” sign to the spa crashes down, knocking Foxie to the ground. The weight of the sign and her proximity to the blast kills her instantly.

And so the investigation begins…..

Who could have planted a bomb?

What is the story behind the bantam?

Who wanted Foxie out of the hen house?

It would appear these hens are a murderous brood!……..

To book a murder mystery hen night, or other murder mystery event, contact Invitation To Events – with the subject line ” Booking a murder mystery event”