Nuclear Nightmare at Fusion-Tec

Over the very hot bank holiday weekend we visited Southampton and made the short journey to nearby Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh.

We arrived at The Central Precinct in Chandler’s Ford for a guided tour at Fusion-Tec. This new startup company had developed a miniature nuclear module to power military vehicles. We were excited to have been chosen as some of the select few to be given a chance to see the inner workings of this exciting, state-of-the-art company.

But no sooner than we arrived, there was a problem…….something to do with the electricity, possibly….Which turned out to be a BIG problem……!

With all the engineers and technicians trapped, it was up to our team of problem-solvers  to leap into action and prevent a nuclear disaster!

grayscale photo of explosion on the beach
Photo by Pixabay on

Nuclear Nightmare

Fusion-Tec is really the home of Genius Escapes, a great escape room in Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh.

You start off in an office, awaiting your tour, and have to find a way to break into the rector and shut it down. To help you there is only an incomplete manual and a computer voice giving advice. You can select whether you play at standard, advanced or genius level. Our team of four had played a number of games before, so we selected “advanced”. The game played is the same for each level, but the number of hints you get is limited. Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t need clues. This is a hard game, but lots of fun.

The puzzles are good, with a mix of technical and manual. They also appeared to be meta puzzles – you had to solve a few things then add things together to get the right code to disarm part of the reactor – and there are a number of steps to disarm the whole thing.

We did managed to avert a Nuclear Nightmare and escaped at 58.22 minutes.

Winning team at Genius Escapes
Winning team at Genius Escapes


A difficult but fun adventure. Recommended.



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