Escape from Standfast Prison!

Clue Cracker was created by Ben Thornton, Tom Swift and Katie Haygarth. They opened the first Margate escape room in 2016, with a pop-up game at Dreamland. That’s where we played their game and managed to escape from Standfast Prison.

Clue Cracker are now opening Jailbreak in Tunbridge Wells from 27th July 2019.

Review adapted from an original post on Invitation To Events


It appears you have committed a heinous crime and your punishment is life imprisonment without parole. Consequently, you have been transferred to Standfast Jail.

With no chance of parole, your only hope for freedom is escape…….and it just so happens that 30 years ago, another prisoner also attempted to escape. He was held in the prison for five years and, during that time,created an elaborate escape plan which he executed in 1986.

Unfortunately he was caught red handed attempting to steal the Warden’s keys. Will you be any luckier?

As the story revolves around an escape from jail, all the Games Masters are in prison guard uniforms while the players, being the prisoners, are required to wear stylish orange jump suits.

The prison guards brief you on the cell you are about to enter and who used to occupy it. As luck would have it, you have been allocated the escapees cell and he has left a trail of intricate clues and codes to help lead you to freedom.

Once you are locked in you only have a limited to escape from Standfast Prison. To do this you must crack codes,  find keys, unscramble words and complete puzzle tasks.

We had a great time and even managed to escape.

New Game in Tunbridge Wells 

The Margate game was 45 minutes long and you were helped by ex-prisoner Terrance Swift’s clues. The new game is an hour long and you will be helped by clues from ex-prisoner  Joseph Wendle. I’m guessing it’s not just the extra time and name change that makes this game different, so even if you played the original back in 2016, it’s worth checking out the new game.

Book at Clue Cracker

Jail Break  - photo by Juliamaud

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