Can you solve the robbery of the Manneken Pis?

Originally posted on Invitation To Events

On a trip to Brussels we tried out The Escape Hunt’s The Manneken Pis Robbery  escape room.

The premise of the story

The most famous statue of Brussels, symbol of the city, has been stolen once again. Locked in the hideout of the suspect, teams have to find the Manneken Pis and to replace it on its original base before the return of the thief.


The organisers grade the room as a medium level game. With just two players who only speak English this could have proved difficult. However, the puzzles did not require a knowledge of Flemish or French.

In fact there were some interesting puzzles and decorating touches that we’ve not seen in other escape rooms.

We managed to escape within the 60 minutes allowed (thanks to a few hints).

A fun escape room that I’d recommend.

Escape room in Brussels

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