TimeQuest Kids

Following the success of their Print + Cut + Escape games, Cluequest now have a Print + Cut + Escape game aimed at a younger audience. They suggest secret agents aged 8 – 13 be dispatched to solve the Time Quest challenge, but were happy to let us “middle-aged P’s” have a go.

So we downloaded and printed the 24 pages of PDF’s and cut out the game. (Alternatively, you can buy a coloured copy and have it printed and sent to you.) Then we logged on to the website to start our mission. We began by “meeting” the TimeQuest team and watching the introduction video. Then it was time for the quest to begin.

As before, the mission was explained through a series of videos. As well as a prologue, there are 3 chapters in the game. We especially liked the fact that you were given detailed instructions at the start on what was needed for each chapter. As you play you are guided around the world and travel through different periods in history. After solving the puzzles, you need to input your answers to move on with the game.

We really enjoyed playing this adventure. Just because it is aimed at a younger audience does not mean they have skimped on the puzzles. There is a variety of puzzles, some trickier than others, so they still require a lot of thought to solve them.

And yes we did manage to restore the timeline in 25 minutes 23 seconds. Success!


Mission Brief

The Earlybirds are the youngest ever members of the Supervillain Organization of the World, and now they’ve got their hands on time travel technology! When they make their move, then the timeQuest team are going to need all the help they can get in stopping these juvenile villains, and saving the universe from a catastrophic time paradox!

TimeQuest Kids is available from https://cluequest.co.uk/print-cut-escape-missions/timequest-kids

Disclosure: We thank clueQuest for providing us with a sample of the game. Although complimentary experience was generously provided, it does not impact our review whatsoever.

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