Prison of Memories – Part I

We were kindly invited by Cluequest to take a trip into Mr Q’s mind and discover what made him into the mouse he is today.

Why were we travelling into his mind? Well, after a sneaky attack from an unknown assailant, Mr Q was trapped in a coma. It was up to Mrs Q and Lord Hammerschmidt to dive into Mr Q’s mind and find a way to wake him up. With time running short, they suspected they would not succeed without our help!

To start with, there were 24 pages of black and white sheets to print out. (Alternatively, you can purchase a printed copy to be sent to you.) Once we’d printed out the pages, we cut out the relevant bits before logging on for our mission brief. Each part of the assignment is introduced with a video and a list of what is needed to solve the puzzles in that section.

We’d loved playing the previous Cluequest Online games (Humanity 2.0 Halloween Survival Training and TimeQuest) and were really looking forward to this one.

OK, so things didn’t get off to a good start. While “mind diving” during the prologue our internet crashed. So we wasted time trying to input an answer that had already been accepted when our system went down. Having finally realised we could move on we found the next puzzle was more of a one person job, so one of us solved it, while the other made tea.

By this time we’d used up half an hour of time, but we gamely continued with Chapter one. I have to confess we found their latest print and play game to be a lot harder than their previous games. While we are puzzle enthusiasts, this seemed aimed at Puzzle Enthusiasts. Think of it as the difference between Britain’s Best Home Cook (puzzle enthusiasts like me) and Master Chef (Puzzle Enthusiasts).

The following three chapters were challenging. Although we did enjoy the first puzzle of chapter 2, we had to resort to looking at the answer for the second puzzle in that chapter. We finally finished the game, taking 2 hours 4 minutes. Not our finest achievement.

If you fall into the Puzzle Enthusiasts (Master Chef) group this will be right up your street. Otherwise, I suggest you try one of Cluequest’s other games first.

Prison of Memories – Part I is available from

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