Haunted Manor House

Ghost Hunting South Africa invited the City Adventurers to undertake an investigation at a Haunted Manor House.

Mrs Grimborn had recently moved into her dream home; a 17th century manor house on a historic wine estate in the Western Cape. However, there had been strange happenings in the home since Mrs Grimborn’s arrival. These included unexplained temperature changes, electrical surges, moving objects and unidentifiable sounds. Could it be the work of a ghost? We went (online) to find out…….

Designed by Louise Clark during lockdown in South Africa, this Escape Room style puzzle is played using google documents.

An introductory puzzle is hidden on the Ghost Hunting South Africa website’s homepage to get you started. Once you have got into the game itself you need to keep returning to the “message from Kate” to input passwords and continue through the story, as well as inputting the passwords on the puzzle pages. We were so keen to get on with the game that we skim read the instructions and failed to notice this crucial bit of information. Without hitting “next” to move the story on, you are missing some vital data……something that was pointed out when we asked for assistance.

After that initial stumbling block, we were off and running. A great mix of puzzles and a fun evening solving.

Ghost Hunting South Africa can be found at https://sites.google.com/view/ghosthuntingza/home

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