Online adventures for all the family


There are three free online adventurers available from escapefromhome. They take place a week apart and see you escape from home to a mystery place where you have to solve puzzles. Your adventure always starts with you entering a magical wardrobe…..

THE EGYPTIAN ESCAPE and A PIRATE’S PROBLEM are both easy. GLOBAL GATEWAY is a little harder, but all three are fun to play. There is a little bit of general knowledge required but the answers can be easily found online.

They are aimed at families with children aged 8+

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Secret City Trails produced The Eggstraordinary Journey Through Easter Traditions, which we played at Easter. Another puzzle solving adventure that requires you to look stuff up online. Great fun and informative, we’d recommend this.

They have a number of other adventures that we have yet to play. Although the Easter one could have been a bit child friendly, I think their other trails are aimed at an older audience. As well as providing tourism themed questions, the answers provide snippets of historical or cultural information, so you are learning as you go along.

For all their “Stay at Home” Games visit

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If you want another free online puzzle game that works well for children, check out the “See Me Escape: Online Puzzle Game“. For this game, Grandpa has set you a treasure hunt and you have to solve a sequence of puzzles to find each password. Get the correct password and you proceed to the next page. Don’t be fooled that you have the wrong answer, just remember to use uppercase letters or numbers for your answer.

Photo copyright of See Me Escape

Happy Puzzle Solving!

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