Deckscape – Heist in Venice

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While isolated at home in London, we took another “trip” abroad. This time we headed to Italy to solve “Heist in Venice”. This is another escape-room-in-a-box game produced by Deckscape.


The box contains a single deck of cards and a “top secret” note. With no rulebook or board there is little game setup involved. You just need access to a pen and paper and a clock. To start, all you have to do is turn over the first card and start reading. If you need a hint to solve a puzzle, there is a helpful hint card available.

This game is for 1 to 6 players and involves team work. Unlike other Deckscape games we’ve played, each player is given a character. If you have less than 6 players, each person takes on a few characters. each character has a special skill or two that will help with the mission. You are not to show each other your character cards but must divulge how your skill can help at appropriate times during the mission. A unique element to the game, that works well as long as all players co-operate…..just like in a real escape room.

You also have decisions to make during the game that can affect the outcome of your mission. And, as usual, you have a decision to make at the end of the game.

A fun mission that we recommend.

Heist in Venice - photo by Juliamaud

Heist in Venice – photo by Juliamaud

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