The Murder Mystery Escape Game

The first game open at the Clue Adventures new studio is ‘Gangsters Treasure’.


Set in 1935 New York, the notorious gangster Dutch Schultz has been killed. With the police are due to arrive at his speakeasy, The Chop Palace Bar, in an hour, you need to find out who killed him, locate his will and track down his hidden treasure.

This adventure is an Escape Game and Murder Mystery rolled into one.

Our team of city adventurers visited the new venue on 11th November 2019. With no walkie-talkies or computers, to get a hint we had to bribe the barman, Gus. Luckily the game provides a wad of money for this purpose and playing in fun mode you may need that.

Unfortunately the photo taken by Gus the barman was not posted to Facebook so I can’t show you our happy smiling faces as we held up handfuls of cash having completed our mission. Give it a go and see how you get on.

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