Illusional Mind

One minute you are hunting for a restaurant to round off your Christmas shopping and the next you are saving mankind again!

Mission HQ found in a shopping mall

As our hotel was near the Tiergarten it was only a short walk to the Europa Center near Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Located right next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the basement of the shopping mall holds the escape room complex called Mission Accepted. This venue houses a number of escape room challenges.

We had been hunting for a restaurant one evening when we spotted the Escape Room. We called in and booked our slot for the next day. As there were only two of us playing we had a choice from three room set ups. (There are five escapes currently available but the other two require more players.) We chose Illusional Mind as we were told it was more hands on (old school?) than the space adventure.

The plot of Illusional Mind

Eight months ago an ingenious scientist become completely mad before falling into a coma. He remains in hospital where all attempts to wake him have failed. Within his  mind lurks the answers to some of humanities greatest problems. It is important to retrieve these and wake him up.

There is a new experimental method that the hospital would like you and your team to try.  It will require you plugging into his synapses and “searching” his confused mind. But will you accept the mission?

The game can be played in German or English.

It does not require you to escape the room as such. Instead you are on a mission to wake the scientist. On the wall is an outline of the brain with areas that light up when you have solved a particular set of puzzles.

There is a screen to receive hints from  the Games Master. The room was imaginatively designed and reminded me of Lucardo, but without the padlocks and not as colourful.

There were some imaginative puzzles throughout the room. This was definitely a room that relied on logic and reasoning, not  opening locks. Some things were obvious but some had us scratching our heads trying to work them out.

Yes, we succeeded in waking the scientist. Saving mankind once again, with only 7 seconds to spare!

Mission Accepted Berlin - Team Invitation To Events

Mission Accepted Berlin

Mission Accepted Berlin – Recommended

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