Professor Oxford’s Experiments

Escape Land is located on Oxford Street and houses two escape rooms, Professor Oxford’s Experiments and Da Vinci’s Exploration

Professor Oxford’s Experiments, is an adaptation of their earlier Escape from the Age of Steampunk. The latter game was my first experience of Escape Rooms and started my love of them.

The Plot

Locked inside the Mad Professor’s house, you and your team travel back in time 100 years. Your mission is to find the Professor and use his time travelling machine to come back to the present.

From what I remember there are plenty of locked drawers and codes and numerical combinations to find. This was a low tech room with solid wooden components and tactile puzzles. The physical puzzles often needed player cooperation. I’ve seen, but not played, the new game, which includes an interesting new addition. I haven’t played this version yet, as the website warns it’s too similar to be attempted by players who’ve done the previous version.

A good example of a traditional room with a ‘get out of the room’ goal.

Treasure Hunters in Escape Land 1

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