Trafalgar Square

Many famous people lived and worked near Trafalgar Square.

Treasure Hunts in London are giving you the chance to discover who they were and where they lived as well as finding interesting statues and monuments. The Trafalgar Square Treasure Hunt includes unravelling cryptic clues and photographing funny assignments. you also get to compete for nominal prizes.

Scavenger hunt near Trafalgar square by Juliamaud
Scavenger hunt near Trafalgar square by Juliamaud

Buy your tickets in advance and meet us by the steps towards the National Gallery.

As with all our hunts, you can join as an individual, or bring your own team of up to 5 participants. You will also need a smartphone/digital camera to complete the photo challenges. Comfy shoes would probably help too. The hunt will end at a nearby pub for a drink, a chance to announce the scores and to laugh at each others photos.

If you love solving puzzles, exploring new places and having tons of fun, come along.

This Treasure Hunt will run on Saturday, 10 May 2014. Tickets are available here.

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