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The Trafalgar Square Treasure Hunt and Drinks Reception

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Artists and Artisans Treasure Hunt

Spend the afternoon exploring Trafalgar Square

Your adventure begins near the Sainsbury Wing entrance of the National Gallery.

Come and collect your explorer packs before setting off to discover heritage around the Trafalgar Square area.

Venture along streets and down alleyways, discovering interesting items as you hunt down answers to clues.

Explore gardens on your quest to solve puzzles and challenges.

When you have completed your mission, the fun continues with the after hunt party. Share your stories with other hunters over a drink while the scores are calculated and prizes awarded.

Will your team have scored enough to claim the winning prize?


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Hunting Scottish Connections

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The latest treasure hunt organised by Treasure hunts in London took place at the V&A Museum.

Discovering the V&A Museum

This museum was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects.

This year the V&A was awarded the Art Fund Museum of the Year 2016 prize. Stephen Deuchar, Art Fund director and chair of the judges, is quoted on the V&A website as saying:

‘The V&A experience is an unforgettable one. Its recent exhibitions from Alexander McQueen to The Fabric of India, and the opening of its new Europe 1600-1815 galleries, were all exceptional accomplishments – at once entertaining and challenging, rooted in contemporary scholarship, and designed to reach and affect the lives of a large and diverse national audience. It was already one of the best-loved museums in the country: this year it has indisputably become one of the best museums in the world.’

Exploring the V&A Museum – The Scottish Hunt

Teams set off to explore the museum  and find objects with a Scottish connection. After the hunt everyone met for a well earned glass of wine.

The prizes for winning included some British Shortbread. While shortbread-like biscuits have been made all over Britain for centuries, it is usually associated with Scotland. The first printed recipe appears to be by Mrs McLintock in 1736.

The winning team by Juliamaud
The winning team


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Naughty or Nice

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Back in the 15th century, Anthony Cotton gave most of his land to the King for a Royal Park, but retained a parcel of land that would become known as Piccadilly. The name comes from the word piccadill, which was a wide, decorated collar invented by Robert Baker who built a large house in the area.

An afternoon of adventure around Piccadilly.

On 18th June Treasure Hunts in London ran The Naughty or Nice Treasure Hunt, which explores Piccadilly, followed by a Naughty but Nice Cream tea at the Royal Academy.

Keepers House by Juliamaud
Keepers House


Nestled in the corner of the RA’s Annenberg Courtyard is the Keeper’s House. It was created over 140 years ago as the grace and favour residence for the Academy’s Keeper. Award winning architects Long & Kentish have restored the Keeper’s House retaining many details from vaults to old ceiling beams and hearths originating from the 1660s.

Holly's winning team by Juliamaud
Holly’s winning team

Rule Britannia

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To mark the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Treasure Hunts in London organised a treasure hunt between Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.


Teams solved clues and puzzles on the route from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace.


After the hunt the treasure hunters met to celebrate, to share their stories and to eat cake.

Queen bees-image

Everyone raised a glass of wine (and beer and cider…) to toast the Queen and wish her a happy birthday.


The winning team received chocolates and London themed prizes.



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Easter at the V&A Museum

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A treasure hunt, wine and chocolate event

The V&A Museum is named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and was founded in 1852 . It is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects.

Easter at the V&A Museum with Treasure Hunts in London

This Easter adventure,organised by Treasure hunts in London, had the theme Easter Eggs and Scotch eggs. Teams set off to explore the museum  and find art with a Scottish connection or an Egg connection.

After the hunt everyone met for some well earned glasses of wine and chocolate. The winning team received Easter eggs and all participants received cream eggs.


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Through the Looking-Glass

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Alice and the Red Queen

The Twixmas Treasure Hunt

Between Christmas and New Year some City Adventurers joined Alice and the Red Queen on a journey through the looking glass and into the National Gallery.



Along the way they discovered that nothing was what it seemed.

They solved themed puzzles and completed photo challenges, before assembling for drinks and prizes.



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Spring Themed Treasure hunt

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Easter Treasure Hunters  in Trafalgar Square.copyright Juliamaud
Easter Treasure Hunters in Trafalgar Square. Copyright Juliamaud


Spring had sprung as teams of treasure hunters took to the streets

Starting at the National Gallery to the north of Trafalgar Square, they were greeted by Bo Peep and given instructions, before setting off to hunt for heritage……and sheep.

The “Art and Artisans” treasure hunt helps treasure hunters discover some of the famous people that have lived and worked around Trafalgar Square. As well as looking for statues and plaques, this special Easter Treasure Hunt required teams to complete special springtime challenges and find “sheep” dotted around the area.

Bo Peep with Shaun the Sheep.
Bo Peep with Shaun the Sheep. Photo by Juliamaud


During the hunt teams were given the chance to win additional prizes by completing a bonus assignment at the National Portrait Gallery.   

The hunt ended at a nearby pub with drinks and Easter eggs for all the participants and prizes for the winning team.

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