Escape from the Museum

Loading up with Christmas goodies in Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) I came across their Mini Escape From The Museum Game. 12 puzzles to solve for 1+ players. As “Anto Sharp” would say, “Ooh, that’s going straight in my basket”.

The box contains a pack of cards, plus a map of the museum, inventories, a what’s on guide etc.

The story goes that we have hidden from our tour guide and taken a nap, only to awake and find ourselves trapped in the museum. Next to the exit we find an ancient tablet displaying a strange alphabet. Someone has started to decode the tablet, but they have left the warning – “This tablet is cursed – if you want to escape this wretched place, then you must continue my work!” Now you must complete the translation to escape…….

We spent a fun afternoon working through the cards and solving the puzzles. Nothing is destroyed in the box although you do get to draw on some of the cards. They supply a pencil to assist you, so you could rub out your answer and play the game again.

A good introduction to play at home escape room puzzles.

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