The Fate of London – Deckscape

The Fall of London - photo by Juliamaud

This Christmas we got another Deckscape Escape Room in a box game.

As before, with Deckscape – Test Time, it says on the box it is designed for 1 to 6 players. Again we decided to play as a couple.

The game stars with a caution card telling you all the cards must be in order followed by a card explaining what the game will involve.

We were on a mission to save London. A mad bomber had placed devices that we needed to disarm. The game includes some good puzzles that get harder the more you work through the game. I’m not sure if it was a harder game than the last Deckscape Escape Room in a box, or if the Christmas sherry had kicked in, but we needed more hints to solve the puzzles this time.

Part way through the game there was a sudden change. A bit like finding a door to a secret room in a real escape room.

More puzzling ensued before we reached the grand finale. Again there was a choice to be made. Did we make the right choice? Solutions are given for all possible outcomes. So I suppose you could play again with other people and choose a different ending.

Another great Escape Room in a Box  Game to play.

Available from Amazon

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