FOX in a BOX

Fox in a Box started in 2013 with an escape room in Vienna. Today its international franchise has over 20 location spread over 3 continents. Their stated aim is to have the brand Fox in a Box become the synonym for real life escape games. They currently have 7 different themed escape room adventures.

The Bunker – Madrid

Team “Invitation To Events” tried out the Madrid Fox in a Box and played The Bunker, which is one of the harder games in the Fox in a Box franchise.

The games masters were multilingual and the game can be played in English or Spanish. There was an initial problem with our game as it had been set up in Spanish! This was quickly rectified by our Commander in Chief (Costumed Games Master) who stayed in character so as not to distract from the immersion of the game.

The Bunker is set in the Cold War era. You and your team are sent to the hideout of a suicidal madman who has decided to take most of humanity with him. He has just activated the countdown to a nuclear explosion and you have 60 minutes to save the world.

Wearing combat gear, you and your team of secret agents enter a room with military plans, maps and wired technology…..

The Madrid game is played in a brick bunker which adds to the atmosphere. The room itself was very well decorated, and contained themed props. In fact one of the best bits about the game was the incredible Nuclear Briefcase which you must carry around to complete the deactivation process. This large piece of custom electronics was the star of the room.

We needed a little help – having the clues in English being one – but still managed to Save The World and make it out in time.

A great game that was a lot of fun to play.

Invitation To Events saving the world - the Bunker Escape room at fox-in-a-box-madrid
Invitation To Events saving the world – the Bunker Escape room at fox-in-a-box-madrid





“Ye who enter, abandon all hope.” — Well, the situation is not that dramatic but, as soon as the door closes behind you, the countdown starts. You have exactly one hour time to search through the bunker, use the items and tools you find, solve the puzzles, get the keys and codes to get into the control room and prevent the nuclear catastrophe. This cannot be done alone. Trust your skills and those of your agent-mates and maybe then – maybe!? – you’ll reach The Button… But, when the time expires, it comes the Big Boom!


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