Treasure Hunts In London

Become The Hero Of Your Own Adventure

Stop wandering around the city aimlessly and start exploring with purpose.

  • Discover history on your doorstep

Venture along streets and passageways you’ve never noticed before. Find solutions in parks and gardens.

  • Explore top museums and art galleries

Search for priceless artifacts and seek answers to clues under the watchful gaze of old masters.

  • Complete puzzles and challenges

Win points as you explore London and beyond  


Treasure Hunters using phone for hunting with Treasure Hunts in London
Treasure Hunters using phone for hunting

Self Guided Hunts

Play via your phone. The self guided hunts can be played on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. All you need is the FREE ClueKeeper app, then choose your Treasure Hunts in London adventure and you are ready to play.

Fully managed by Treasure Hunts In London

Prefer to have your adventure organised for you? Our fully managed events take place at top London art galleries and museums. They include the treasure hunt, organised by costumed explainers, prizes and surprises plus an after hunt celebration. This can be a drinks reception in a listed building or a cream tea in an elegant location. Just sit back and relax while your scores are calculated.

A great way to discover history in London


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