Treasure Hunts In London

Explore what’s on your doorstep  

A fun new way to discover history in London

Solve clues and puzzles as you explore London’s Arts and Heritage.

 The activities take place in a number of tourist attractions

 The events are well organised, high quality, heritage themed investigations

 You can enjoy three hours of interactive entertainment

 You do not require any prior knowledge of the area being explored.

 You will be given a full briefing before the hunt

 The clues are aimed at an adult audience – Some clues are cryptic or puzzles.

 Assistance is available throughout the hunt by text, phone and in person

 Although timed, these events are not races and can be undertaken at a walking pace.

Themed Scavenger Hunts, Treasure Hunts and Street Games where you solve clues, complete assignments, take fun photos and win prizes.


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