Escape Land adventure (original location)

A number of Escape Games that were reviewed on Invitation To Events blog have moved location or closed since they were played by ITM Games Teams. Originally posted on Invitation To Events in 2015 Escape Land has moved to 37-39 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DU The story behind the Escape Land adventure is that scientists have developed the technology … More Escape Land adventure (original location)

Operation Blacksheep

Our international team worked so well together to solve the mystery of PLAN 52, that we decided to break for food then reconvene and solve another mystery. Returning to ClueQuest we discovered that Professor BlackSheep, Mr Q’s arch nemesis, had built and launched a satellite into Earth’s orbit that was capable of controlling all human minds. He … More Operation Blacksheep

Plan 52

It had been a while since we’d been asked to save the world when we got a call from our Danish counterparts, Henrik and Freja. They were heading to London on a covert mission to form an international team to solve the mystery of PLAN 52. It seems a top secret fortress location for highly classified archives … More Plan 52