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The Trafalgar Square Treasure Hunt and Drinks Reception

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Artists and Artisans Treasure Hunt

Spend the afternoon exploring Trafalgar Square

Your adventure begins near the Sainsbury Wing entrance of the National Gallery.

Come and collect your explorer packs before setting off to discover heritage around the Trafalgar Square area.

Venture along streets and down alleyways, discovering interesting items as you hunt down answers to clues.

Explore gardens on your quest to solve puzzles and challenges.

When you have completed your mission, the fun continues with the after hunt party. Share your stories with other hunters over a drink while the scores are calculated and prizes awarded.

Will your team have scored enough to claim the winning prize?


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Outdoor Treasure Hunts

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London is full of arts and heritage

and it’s easy to miss the amazing things that are all around you.

Treasure Hunts in London helps you discover things that are often overlooked by providing a guided way to explore. Our hunts are fun adventures to enjoy with friends.

Aimed at adults, our treasure hunts combine exploring arts and heritage with solving clues and completing assignments. Using a mixture of cryptic, puzzle and straight clues, they lead to a destination, and a question that must be answered.

Come and explore what’s on  your doorstep

Outdoor Treasure Hunts currently on offer include:-

  • A Treasure Hunt exploring Historic Chingford on the London/Essex borders.
  • A Treasure Hunt exploring Street Art in Brixton.
  • A Treasure Hunt exploring the area around Trafalgar Square.
  • A Treasure Hunt with a literary theme, covering the area from Borough High Street to the Millennium Bridge


Come and explore what’s on  your doorstep





Indoor Treasure Hunts

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Want to explore some of London’s rich heritage?

As well as 40,000 listed buildings and over 150 ancient monuments, London contains 4 UNESCO world heritage sites. It is home to 857 art galleries and over 170 museums, including three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world. Treasure Hunts in London helps visitors and locals alike to explore some of the world class heritage that is in London.

Our hunts are aimed at adults, combining solving clues and finding arts and heritage.

A chance to combine exploring museums and galleries with solving clues and completing fun assignments with friends. We use a mixture of cryptic, puzzle and straight clues, that lead to a destination, and a question that must be answered. Along the way there are photo assignments and challenges to complete. Prizes are awarded to the winning team.
Come and discover some of London’s treasures with