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The Postal Museum opens on 28 July 2017

‘British postal services helped to shape the modern world. The Postal Museum works to connect people through this human story of communication, industry and innovation by making it accessible to all.’

The Postal Museum’s Collections Development Policy

The collection spans five centuries of history, revealling Britain’s remarkable social and communications history.

Exhibits include stamps, letters, greetings cards, postcards and even song sheets. There is a collection of post boxes and operational equipment. Tools such as handstamps, sorting machinery and furniture are on display, as are horse-drawn or motorised vehicles and train carriages.


A network of automated trains stretched from Paddington to Whitechapel and kept the capital’s communication network flowing for over 75 years. While millions of items of mail were delivered every day deep beneath the streets of London, Postal workers were forbidden from travelling on the train.

But now you can experience the ride.

The subterranean rail ride – MailRail – is due to open to the public on 4th September. It is currently available for private group events. Ride through the hidden tunnels and discover a unique piece of industrial heritage, then explore the galleries packed with objects, stories and interactive displays.


MailRail by Juliamaud
MailRail by Juliamaud


The Invitation To Events team, including an ex-Post Office Engineer, were privileged to get a trip on the train ahead of its opening to the public.

visiting mailrail with Squaremeal
Invitation To Events visiting Mailrail with Squaremeal

The Invitation To Events team plan on another trip to see the museum, so if you’d like to join them sign up for our Newsletter and you’ll be kept informed of this and other exciting visits and events. Click here to join the club

Million Pound Heist

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Invitation To Events took a team  to the new escape room by Enigma Quests.

Unlike other escape rooms, where the aim is to escape, Enigma Quests offer immersive challenges.

For their last adventure, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you were required to pass exams. You may not “escape” within the 60 minutes but you may have passed some of the achievement levels, starting at “Troll”.

Their latest adventure, the  Million Pound Heist, requires you to “steal” as much money as possible…..and escape.

The plot sees your team break into the safe house of one of London’s most notorious criminal gang. You then have to analyse highly confidential information and navigate your way through top level security before you get to the vault. Once you’ve got into the vault you have to get fill your case with as much money as possible and escape. All this within 60 minutes.

The game is highly interactive, with some great challenges we hadn’t seen before. Just as the props were outstanding in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there is great attention to detail in the Million Pound Heist quest. The room owners design every puzzle, and source or create all the high quality props themselves.

How did we do?

Well, we scored £890,000 out of the possible £2,000,000 that could fit in the briefcase, and escaped within the 60 minutes.

Job well done.

Invitation To Events team at the Million Pound Heist
Invitation To Events team at the Million Pound Heist




A Murderous Brood

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The latest murder mystery adventure from Invitation To Events is a hen-night murder mystery for 14 ladies.

A Murderous Brood

Everyone was excited about the upcoming wedding of Dan and Marie.

While Dan was away watching rugby on his stag trip, the hens celebrated Marie’s final days as a single woman with a trip to Bosanova, where the Bride’s parents live, followed by a spa retreat in England.

The first part of the trip was filled with shopping, sightseeing and clubbing organised by the bride’s friend Connie.

However, there were also a couple of last minute additions to the guest plan in Bosanova, before the party moved to England.

The game begins as everyone is relaxing at the Love and Peace Retreat. Or are they?……

Suddenly there is a loud explosion!

The “Welcome” sign to the spa crashes down, knocking Foxie to the ground. The weight of the sign and her proximity to the blast kills her instantly.

And so the investigation begins…..

Who could have planted a bomb?

What is the story behind the bantam?

Who wanted Foxie out of the hen house?

It would appear these hens are a murderous brood!……..

To book a murder mystery hen night, or other murder mystery event, contact Invitation To Events – with the subject line ” Booking a murder mystery event”

Murder Mystery at UCL

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UCL Museums at Night event

The Game was Afoot.

UCL Museums had suffered from a spate of foul actions of a criminal nature. Learning and Access Officer, Dean Veall, warned that the fiends responsible were using the Museums most precious collections for their foul deeds.

Invitation To Events immediately dispatched a team of trusted investigators to help solve the crime. On arrival they discovered that a murder had been committed!

The next few hours were spent combing the museums and searching for clues. This event was part murder mystery and part treasure hunt. Teams had to visit various museums, rooms and areas to find the suspects and answer questions about the collections. Unlike Treasure hunts in London events, where the clues can be cryptic or puzzles, the clues were all straight questions. However, the answers to the clues led to a large puzzle that revealed the murder weapon.

Among the places visited were:-

Grant Museum of Zoology

Petrie Museum

UCL Art Museum

Jeremy Bentham Auto-Icon

The team succeeded in correctly spotting the murderer but not in determining  the murder weapon. The prize for best costume of the night went to a well deserving Scoobey Doo.