Explore Green Spaces with a new self guided treasure hunt

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Discover parks and gardens in Vauxhall

Take your friends and family on a treasure hunt exploring some of the parks and gardens in the Vauxhall area of London.

pumping iron in a vauxhall park - www.scavengerhunts.london
Pumping iron in a vauxhall park – www.scavengerhunts.london

Explore from Kennington to Waterloo using the latest Treasure Hunts in London heritage  adventure.

You will visit eight parks and gardens, three of which have been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award. As well as large parks, you will discover small areas that are an oasis within a dense urban setting. Along the way discover some of the history of the area.


www.scavengerhunts.london - treasure found in kennington flower garden
www.scavengerhunts.london – treasure found in kennington flower garden

Available on ClueKeeper

  • The app gives you the clues and lets you submit answers directly on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Currently available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.




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Happy New Year!

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A Review of

Clue-solving adventures 

in 2016

We have shared some great adventures.


We’ve explored a number of top London art galleries and museums.

We’ve discovered heritage around London.

We’ve solved puzzles in Escape Rooms …..

…and taken part in puzzle hunts and solved murder mysteries…..

We’ve enjoyed wine and chocolates, tried craft beers and ciders, indulged in cream teas and cocktails……and even visited one of London’s top five Italian restaurants for our after-hunt celebrations and prize giving.

Some of us have had fun in costume……

And we’ve all learnt something new, come across treasures we didn’t expect and discovered new places as we’ve explored. So forget about the bad parts of 2016 and let’s look forward to a better, brighter new year

Join us for more wonderful Clue Solving Adventures in 2017

Spring Themed Treasure hunt

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Easter Treasure Hunters  in Trafalgar Square.copyright Juliamaud
Easter Treasure Hunters in Trafalgar Square. Copyright Juliamaud


Spring had sprung as teams of treasure hunters took to the streets

Starting at the National Gallery to the north of Trafalgar Square, they were greeted by Bo Peep and given instructions, before setting off to hunt for heritage……and sheep.

The “Art and Artisans” treasure hunt helps treasure hunters discover some of the famous people that have lived and worked around Trafalgar Square. As well as looking for statues and plaques, this special Easter Treasure Hunt required teams to complete special springtime challenges and find “sheep” dotted around the area.

Bo Peep with Shaun the Sheep.
Bo Peep with Shaun the Sheep. Photo by Juliamaud


During the hunt teams were given the chance to win additional prizes by completing a bonus assignment at the National Portrait Gallery.   

The hunt ended at a nearby pub with drinks and Easter eggs for all the participants and prizes for the winning team.

More treasure Hunts In London

For details of the latest public hunts, visit www.scavengerhunts.london



“Where have we explored?” Christmas Quiz

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A quick look back at some of the places visited during our Treasure Hunts in London in 2014. How many places do you remember?

Question 1


Museum cabinet – photo by Juliamaud
Museum cabinet – photo by Juliamaud

Question 2

Treasure Hunts in London Christmas Quiz -question 2 Photo by Juliamaud
Photo by Juliamaud


Question 3


Cards and Games
Cards and Games – photo by Juliamaud

Question 4

 A wet rock....
Treasure hunts in London quiz question 3 A wet rock….



Question 5




A shell with a head – quiz question 5
A shell with a head – quiz question 5


Question 6


Christmas Tree by Juliamaud
Christmas Tree by Juliamaud

Question 7

To visit this old and new building where would you be?
To visit this old and new building where would you be? photo by juliamaud


Question 8


leather bottle – photo by Juliamaud
leather bottle – photo by Juliamaud



where you would find the chocolate themed display case? The clue was in the Chocolate……The answer is

The Chocolate Museum in Brixton!


The statue is the creation of Italian artist Aron Demetz.

The statue is found in St James Square

Which Museum had the playing cards on display? Well, it’s not a museum that’s primarily associated with games, although it does have a lot of hands-on interactive areas………

The Science Museum


The photo shows the Japanese inspired water feature that has rocks at the bottom of an area cascading with water.

“Water Feature” is situated behind Liverpool Street Station, on a busy corner of Broadgate.


The Tridacna shell carved with a human head, which served as a container for cosmetics, is found in….

The British Museum


You would have discovered this Christmas tree while on Treasure Hunts in London “12 Days of Christmas” Treasure Hunts at

The National Portrait Gallery

You could have visited this old and new building during a treasure hunt around a former London village in….



The Treasure Hunters in London came across the leather bottle as part of the “Drink to me only” treasure hunt in

The Museum of London

Indoor Treasure Hunts

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Want to explore some of London’s rich heritage?

As well as 40,000 listed buildings and over 150 ancient monuments, London contains 4 UNESCO world heritage sites. It is home to 857 art galleries and over 170 museums, including three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world. Treasure Hunts in London helps visitors and locals alike to explore some of the world class heritage that is in London.

Our hunts are aimed at adults, combining solving clues and finding arts and heritage.

A chance to combine exploring museums and galleries with solving clues and completing fun assignments with friends. We use a mixture of cryptic, puzzle and straight clues, that lead to a destination, and a question that must be answered. Along the way there are photo assignments and challenges to complete. Prizes are awarded to the winning team.
Come and discover some of London’s treasures with www.Treasurehunts.events.