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The Postal Museum opens on 28 July 2017

‘British postal services helped to shape the modern world. The Postal Museum works to connect people through this human story of communication, industry and innovation by making it accessible to all.’

The Postal Museum’s Collections Development Policy

The collection spans five centuries of history, revealling Britain’s remarkable social and communications history.

Exhibits include stamps, letters, greetings cards, postcards and even song sheets. There is a collection of post boxes and operational equipment. Tools such as handstamps, sorting machinery and furniture are on display, as are horse-drawn or motorised vehicles and train carriages.


A network of automated trains stretched from Paddington to Whitechapel and kept the capital’s communication network flowing for over 75 years. While millions of items of mail were delivered every day deep beneath the streets of London, Postal workers were forbidden from travelling on the train.

But now you can experience the ride.

The subterranean rail ride – MailRail – is due to open to the public on 4th September. It is currently available for private group events. Ride through the hidden tunnels and discover a unique piece of industrial heritage, then explore the galleries packed with objects, stories and interactive displays.


MailRail by Juliamaud
MailRail by Juliamaud


The Invitation To Events team, including an ex-Post Office Engineer, were privileged to get a trip on the train ahead of its opening to the public.

visiting mailrail with Squaremeal
Invitation To Events visiting Mailrail with Squaremeal

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The 12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt

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Ho, ho, ho! Time for a festive Treasure Hunt.

This adventure is based on Christmas carols. You will not have to strain your singing voices, just your “little grey cells” as you try to work out the answers to the song sheet of clues. This is not a ‘race’, so you can take your time to explore the National Portrait Gallery, the oldest portrait gallery in the world. Then it’s off to a secret location for after-hunt cocktails and prize giving.

Teams of 2 to 4 people must be pre-booked. This adventure is for over 18’s only and includes the festive treasure hunt, cocktails and prizes.

Special Offer

The 12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt at The National Portrait Gallery on Sunday 18th December 2016 with Treasure Hunts in London

Half Price Tickets available here.


Valentine’s Adventure at The Tate Britain

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Treasure hunt and wine at a

Top London Art Gallery

The Tate Britain features the most important collection of British art from 1500 to the present day. The works include art from Constable to Turner, Blake to Hockney and Bacon to Gainsborough.

Teams explored the gallery to find art on the theme of love on the Love and Marriage Treasure Hunt by Treasure hunts in London.

Tate Britain modern art

After the hunt everyone enjoyed a drink in the Rex Whistler Restaurant at Tate Britain.

The Tate’s wine cellar has long been famous for its extensive collection of fine wines.

Described as ‘The Most Amusing Room in Europe’ the Rex Whistler Restaurant was opened in 1927.  It has been the site of political and social intrigue over the decades, as well as gaining a reputation for having one of the capital’s finest wine cellars.

 City Adventurers

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Eros  – Photo by Juliamaud

Through the Looking-Glass

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Alice and the Red Queen

The Twixmas Treasure Hunt

Between Christmas and New Year some City Adventurers joined Alice and the Red Queen on a journey through the looking glass and into the National Gallery.



Along the way they discovered that nothing was what it seemed.

They solved themed puzzles and completed photo challenges, before assembling for drinks and prizes.



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The 12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt

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Ho, ho, ho! It’s time for a festive Treasure Hunt.

Christmas baubles

At the National Portrait Gallery in London

on Saturday 14th December 2013

starting at 2pm

The 12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt is based on the traditional Christmas carol.

You will not have to strain your singing voices, just your “little grey cells” as you try to work out the answers to the song sheet of clues.

Buy your tickets in advance and meet by the main entrance to the gallery to form teams of up to 5 people.

Results will be announced after the hunt in a nearby pub  and prizes awarded to the winning team.