Easter treasure hunt

Park Life Easter Treasure Hunts

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Get your thinking caps and comfy shoes on and come exploring Lambeth parks 

This Easter bring your friends and family on a treasure hunt through the parks of Vauxhall.

As well as some large parks, find smaller areas that are like an oasis within the dense urban setting. Discover nature. Not just trees, flowers and plants, but animals and insects along the way.

Oh, and did I mention that the clues for this hunt will be Haiku’s?

Vauxhall Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London

Tickets are available for

Friday 14th April and Saturday 15th April

Park Life Easter Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London

Friday 14th April 2017


Park Life Easter Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London


Saturday 15th April 2017


Spring Themed Treasure hunt

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Easter Treasure Hunters  in Trafalgar Square.copyright Juliamaud
Easter Treasure Hunters in Trafalgar Square. Copyright Juliamaud


Spring had sprung as teams of treasure hunters took to the streets

Starting at the National Gallery to the north of Trafalgar Square, they were greeted by Bo Peep and given instructions, before setting off to hunt for heritage……and sheep.

The “Art and Artisans” treasure hunt helps treasure hunters discover some of the famous people that have lived and worked around Trafalgar Square. As well as looking for statues and plaques, this special Easter Treasure Hunt required teams to complete special springtime challenges and find “sheep” dotted around the area.

Bo Peep with Shaun the Sheep.
Bo Peep with Shaun the Sheep. Photo by Juliamaud


During the hunt teams were given the chance to win additional prizes by completing a bonus assignment at the National Portrait Gallery.   

The hunt ended at a nearby pub with drinks and Easter eggs for all the participants and prizes for the winning team.

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How about an Easter Treasure Hunt?

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Easter Bunny with eggs  (Hare and Bell) copyright juliamaud.
Easter Bunny with eggs (Hare and Bell) copyright Juliamaud

Get out and about around Trafalgar Square on Easter Saturday

There are seasonal surprises at  the

Easter Treasure  Hunt at Trafalgar Square
on Saturday, 4 April 2015 from 2pm

This Easter come on this special heritage hunt

Discover some of the famous people who lived and worked around Trafalgar Square

Unravel cryptic clues, photograph funny assignments and compete for prizes

 Something for the school holidays…..

….Discover art on the streets of London with the Family Street Art Treasure Hunt

Street Art In Brixton

on Wednesday, 8 April 2015 from 2pm

Brixton has a lot of street art, which the London Mural Preservation Society is now charged with maintaining. Some art is by international street artists, while others is by local community groups. This is your chance to discover some of the art that is found on the streets of Brixton while unravelling clues, photographing funny assignments and competing for chocolate prizes.