Treasure Hunt app offers adventures around London and Cardiff

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Treasure Hunters using phone for hunting with Treasure Hunts in London
Treasure Hunters using phone for hunting

Discovering history in London and Cardiff just got even more exciting thanks to these fun treasure hunts you can play on your phone. Challenge your powers of observation as you explore London streets and parks or experience the National Museum in Cardiff.

Receive clues and hints directly to your phone or tablet. Follow the trail and learn interesting facts with each correct answer. The hunts are available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets via the ClueKeeper app.

The hunts take around two hours and can be used as a walking tour of each location. There are currently five Treasure Hunts in London self guided hunts to choose from:-

Treasure Hunters using phone for hunting with Treasure Hunts in London
Treasure Hunters using phone for hunting

Discovering London’s countryside and urban heritage

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Chingford is a suburb of London on the London/Essex border and sits on the edge of Epping Forest.

Chingford Green and SS Peter and Paul Church by Juliamaud

Chingford Countryside

Originally the whole parish of Chingford lay within the ancient Forest of Essex. The Domesday figures for swine-pastures show that Chingford was well-wooded in the 11th century, although the parish had a considerable amount of arable land, which was increased by subsequent forest clearance. Chingford’s woodland is still similar in size to its area of woodland in the 1640’s.

Epping Forest and Chingford Plain became popular with day-trippers in Victorian times. As London’s largest open space, Epping Forest is a registered charity managed by the City of London.

Chingford Town

The town of Chingford began as a scattered farming community. Comprising of three forest hamlets, the inhabitants of Chingford had the ancient right to pasture cattle, branded with their mark, a crowned ‘G’, within the forest.

There has been a parish church in Chingford since Norman times. The present Old Church building dates from the late 13th century. However the church building had to be abandoned in the 1840’s as it was in such a bad state of repair. The Reverend Robert Boothby Heathcote decided to build, at his own expense, a new church on Chingford Green. The new Church on the Green, designed by Lewis Vulliamy, was built  in 1844 and established the prominence of the Chingford Green hamlet .

During Victorian times nearby Walthamstow and Leyton experienced a surge in urbanisation, but Chingford remained an agricultural parish until the arrival of the Great Eastern Railway.

The Chingford Green conservation area includes a variety of interesting buildings showing Chingford’s development over two hundred years from a small rural community to a suburb of modern London. Details of these buildings can be found in the leaflet written and illustrated by Guy Osborne for the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

The Chingford Treasure Hunt

Discover the history of the area combined with a trip to the Epping Forest countryside. Starting at Chingford Station this adventure combines a treasure hunt around the “urban” part of Chingford (including the conservation area). Although not part of the hunt, players can then visit some listed buildings on the edge of Epping Forest, as well as spend time in “The View” learning the story and history of the forest.

As well as being available for private hire, this hunt will soon be available as a self-guided hunt on the ClueKeeper platform


“Where have we explored?” Christmas Quiz

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A quick look back at some of the places visited during our Treasure Hunts in London in 2014. How many places do you remember?

Question 1


Museum cabinet – photo by Juliamaud
Museum cabinet – photo by Juliamaud

Question 2

Treasure Hunts in London Christmas Quiz -question 2 Photo by Juliamaud
Photo by Juliamaud


Question 3


Cards and Games
Cards and Games – photo by Juliamaud

Question 4

 A wet rock....
Treasure hunts in London quiz question 3 A wet rock….



Question 5




A shell with a head – quiz question 5
A shell with a head – quiz question 5


Question 6


Christmas Tree by Juliamaud
Christmas Tree by Juliamaud

Question 7

To visit this old and new building where would you be?
To visit this old and new building where would you be? photo by juliamaud


Question 8


leather bottle – photo by Juliamaud
leather bottle – photo by Juliamaud



where you would find the chocolate themed display case? The clue was in the Chocolate……The answer is

The Chocolate Museum in Brixton!


The statue is the creation of Italian artist Aron Demetz.

The statue is found in St James Square

Which Museum had the playing cards on display? Well, it’s not a museum that’s primarily associated with games, although it does have a lot of hands-on interactive areas………

The Science Museum


The photo shows the Japanese inspired water feature that has rocks at the bottom of an area cascading with water.

“Water Feature” is situated behind Liverpool Street Station, on a busy corner of Broadgate.


The Tridacna shell carved with a human head, which served as a container for cosmetics, is found in….

The British Museum


You would have discovered this Christmas tree while on Treasure Hunts in London “12 Days of Christmas” Treasure Hunts at

The National Portrait Gallery

You could have visited this old and new building during a treasure hunt around a former London village in….



The Treasure Hunters in London came across the leather bottle as part of the “Drink to me only” treasure hunt in

The Museum of London

Chingford Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunts in London are running a treasure hunt exploring the London/Essex border town of Chingford.


Tickets for the treasure hunt are available here.

Fountain in Chingford by Juliamaud
Fountain in Chingford by Juliamaud


Epping Forest and the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Chingford is home to the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge. This was built on the orders of Henry VIII in 1543 and contains exhibitions on Tudor history.

Next to the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is “The View”. This is a new visitor centre, with interactive displays telling the story of Epping Forest.

Both offer free entry from 10am to 5pm and are a ten minute uphill walk from the Chingford bus and train stations.


Connaught Water in Epping Forest by Juliamaud
Connaught Water in Epping Forest by Juliamaud


During the hunt, teams will be able to search for, amongst other thing, a number of blue plaques around the area.  This includes a newly replaced blue plaque following a request for its restoration by Treasure Hunts in London.

Tickets for the treasure hunt are available here.