The Tomb

Don your fedora and whip and start solving the mystery! Stumbling inside an Egyptian tomb (in Cardiff), it’s time to unleash your inner Indiana Jones. You are there to search for a missing explorer, Howard Carter. Unfortunately you’ve just set off a booby trap and now you only have 60 minutes before the walls of … More The Tomb

Treasure Hunt app offers adventures around London and Cardiff

Discovering history in London and Cardiff just got even more exciting thanks to these fun treasure hunts you can play on your phone. Challenge your powers of observation as you explore London streets and parks or experience the National Museum in Cardiff. Receive clues and hints directly to your phone or tablet. Follow the trail and … More Treasure Hunt app offers adventures around London and Cardiff

Escape from Reality in Cardiff

On Saturday 6th August 2016 Escape Reality opened in Cardiff. This escape game experience offers 6 different themed rooms. Teams of 2-6 players have 60 minutes to escape by working together to solve various puzzles. How hard are the challenges? Well the venue rates the games difficulty between 3★ and 5★.  Jungala   Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ Enigmista  Difficulty: ★ ★ … More Escape from Reality in Cardiff