Outdoor Treasure Hunts

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London is full of arts and heritage

and it’s easy to miss the amazing things that are all around you.

Treasure Hunts in London helps you discover things that are often overlooked by providing a guided way to explore. Our hunts are fun adventures to enjoy with friends.

Aimed at adults, our treasure hunts combine exploring arts and heritage with solving clues and completing assignments. Using a mixture of cryptic, puzzle and straight clues, they lead to a destination, and a question that must be answered.

Come and explore what’s on  your doorstep

Outdoor Treasure Hunts currently on offer include:-

  • A Treasure Hunt exploring Historic Chingford on the London/Essex borders.
  • A Treasure Hunt exploring Street Art in Brixton.
  • A Treasure Hunt exploring the area around Trafalgar Square.
  • A Treasure Hunt with a literary theme, covering the area from Borough High Street to the Millennium Bridge


Come and explore what’s on  your doorstep






Indoor Treasure Hunts

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Want to explore some of London’s rich heritage?

As well as 40,000 listed buildings and over 150 ancient monuments, London contains 4 UNESCO world heritage sites. It is home to 857 art galleries and over 170 museums, including three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world. Treasure Hunts in London helps visitors and locals alike to explore some of the world class heritage that is in London.

Our hunts are aimed at adults, combining solving clues and finding arts and heritage.

A chance to combine exploring museums and galleries with solving clues and completing fun assignments with friends. We use a mixture of cryptic, puzzle and straight clues, that lead to a destination, and a question that must be answered. Along the way there are photo assignments and challenges to complete. Prizes are awarded to the winning team.
Come and discover some of London’s treasures with www.Treasurehunts.events.

Trafalgar Square

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Many famous people lived and worked near Trafalgar Square.

Treasure Hunts in London are giving you the chance to discover who they were and where they lived as well as finding interesting statues and monuments. The Trafalgar Square Treasure Hunt includes unravelling cryptic clues and photographing funny assignments. you also get to compete for nominal prizes.

Scavenger hunt near Trafalgar square by Juliamaud
Scavenger hunt near Trafalgar square by Juliamaud

Buy your tickets in advance and meet us by the steps towards the National Gallery.

As with all our hunts, you can join as an individual, or bring your own team of up to 5 participants. You will also need a smartphone/digital camera to complete the photo challenges. Comfy shoes would probably help too. The hunt will end at a nearby pub for a drink, a chance to announce the scores and to laugh at each others photos.

If you love solving puzzles, exploring new places and having tons of fun, come along.

This Treasure Hunt will run on Saturday, 10 May 2014. Tickets are available here.

The Easter Egg Cover Up!

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The latest hunt from Treasure Hunts in London will involve more than searching for blue plaques and statues. It will involve hunting the naughty Easter Bunny too.

This is a special Easter Event is run by Treasure Hunts in London and Thinking Bob.

It is a mixture of Scavenger hunt, solving clues, photo challenges, interaction with fairy tale characters and hunting eggs.

Treasure Hunts In London logo
Treasure Hunts In London

The Easter Bunny has been partying with The Knave of Hearts and has been leaving eggs scattered around London’s arts and heritage. The fairy tale world have sent their top “spin doctor” and his assistants Mary-Mary and Alice to try and sort out the mess.


They need your help!


Join the Spin Doctor and his assistants trying to locate the missing eggs. Along the way solve some clues, take photos, and complete special missions.


Bunny Gone Bad photo by Thinking Bob
Photo by Thinking Bob

Come and join the special Easter Event  hunt run by Thinking Bob and Treasure Hunts in London by getting your tickets from


Chingford Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunts in London are running a treasure hunt exploring the London/Essex border town of Chingford.


Tickets for the treasure hunt are available here.

Fountain in Chingford by Juliamaud
Fountain in Chingford by Juliamaud


Epping Forest and the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Chingford is home to the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge. This was built on the orders of Henry VIII in 1543 and contains exhibitions on Tudor history.

Next to the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is “The View”. This is a new visitor centre, with interactive displays telling the story of Epping Forest.

Both offer free entry from 10am to 5pm and are a ten minute uphill walk from the Chingford bus and train stations.


Connaught Water in Epping Forest by Juliamaud
Connaught Water in Epping Forest by Juliamaud


During the hunt, teams will be able to search for, amongst other thing, a number of blue plaques around the area.  This includes a newly replaced blue plaque following a request for its restoration by Treasure Hunts in London.

Tickets for the treasure hunt are available here.



Street Art for auction

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Brixton is fortunate to have a lot of street art visible everyday. If you’d like a chance to discover some of it, why not sign up for the Treasure Hunts In London’s Street Art Treasure Hunt.

Invitation To Events

Street Art Ape -  Photo by Juliamaud Street Art Ape
Photo by Juliamaud

From 24th to 27th April 2014 an art show entitled STEALING BANKSY?will take place at the ME London Hotel. The show, which will include a live auction, explores the legal, social and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art.

Seven Banksy street pieces will appear in the exhibition, including ‘No Ball Games’. Other pieces on display will be ‘Old Skool’ (estimated sale price £750,000), ‘Liverpool Rat’ (estimated sale price £200,000), ‘Girl With Balloon’ (estimated sale price £400,000), ‘2 Rats’ (estimated sale price £200,000), ‘Sperm Alarm’ (estimated sale price £150,000) and ‘Silent Majority’ (estimated sale price £175,000). Ten other unique pieces have been sourced from all corners of the globe to be revealed on the night.

General public tickets priced at £17.50 per person, with each ticket purchase including a charity donation and a copy of ‘The Banksy Bugle’, are available from www.stealingbanksy.com. Bidding opens for…

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Family Treasure Hunt for Half Term at the Science Museum

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As its half term, why not bring the family to explore The Science Museum?

The Science Museum is the most visited science and technology museum in Europe. There are over 15,000 objects on display, including world-famous objects such as the Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket.

family at science museum hunt
family at science museum hunt

This is a family friendly hunt suitable for families with primary age children and over. Please note that the clues are cryptic, so all the adults and children in your team will need to work together to solve them. The adventure starts by meeting near the main entrance at 1pm to collect your clues. After the hunt we will rendezvous to announce the results.

Family tickets  start from £12.00 and are available from https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mystery-and-secrets-in-the-science-museum-treasure-hunt-tickets-10506189295?ref=wplist

NB This event is not organised by the Science Museum