Trapped – Mission to Mars

Yet again the fate of humanity lay in the hands of The City Adventurers. This time we were on a MISSION TO MARS.

Mission To Mars photo by Juliamaud
Mission To Mars photo by Juliamaud

Set Up:

The Trapped series of games come in a game box containing printed props, a “how to play” guide, and a code book that gives hints should you get stuck. Usually the only thing you need to add is something to make notes on. This time you will also need scissors and possibly a calculator.

Playing the game:

The City Adventurers were the crew on a mission to Mars. As we approached the red planet we had awoken from our cryosleep pod gasping for air… An alarm echoed through the ship, giving the terrifying message “WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! CRITICAL FAILURE!” This meant there was a life-threatening system failure and we must now land the ship manually. Would we be able to save our mission?

This game was easy to follow and contained some nice puzzles. It is more linear than other Trapped Games, as you need to gain control of the spaceship and land it on Mars. Once you have landed there is an additional envelope to open and solve.

The hints are available in a booklet. In order to ensure that players only see the clue for the puzzle they need, the clues are scrambled and require the special decoder card to read them. There are three hints available per prop.

The end was a bit disappointing. We completed the final puzzle and landed on Mars. Then we opened the envelope expecting puzzles for when we landed, or something to play (like in the carnival). I won’t spoil the surprise but lets just say it wasn’t exciting.

This is a game you can play again as nothing is destroyed.

We felt it wasn’t one of their best games.

Join City Adventurers and solve puzzles…..

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