Become a member of The City Adventurers

Being a City Adventurer can be a lot of fun. We get to explore new places, discover new things and experience adventures. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve “Saved the World”, either by completing an escape room or assisting Dr Who. We’ve caught more murderers than you can shake a stick at, both at live events and online mysteries. We have seen loads of stage shows in the West End and around the country. Our knowledge of cream teas is expanding as much as our waistlines!

Could you be a City Adventurer, too?

Are you the sort of person who enjoys participating in something challenging that fills you with the sense of achievement?

Do you find you want to unleash your inner Indiana Jones and discover new places? Do you fancy exploring places that are a little off the beaten track.

Are you a budding Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes? Find you often solve the crime before the TV detectives. Would you love to take part in a murder mystery event?

Maybe you like solving puzzles and would love to try your hand at a puzzle hunt or escape room.

All of these things mark you out as a City Adventurer.

Chief Investigator
Chief Investigator

To become a member of The City Adventurers visit and subscribe as a Chief Investigator. In addition to receiving regular newsletters with ideas for places to visit and activities to try, you will be invited to special visits and events. Meet other City adventurers. Share the adventure.

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