Trapped – The Carnival

Roll up! Roll Up! The Carnival is in town……Have you ever dreamt of running away to the circus? Now it’s your chance to work at Muggins Carnival. Can you solve the Ringmaster’s puzzles and become King or Queen of the carnival?

Set Up:

At the start of the game you place the printed props around your room to recreate Muggins Carnival. The posters and cards etc are grouped into attractions, so you can have, for example, a ‘fortune teller’ area.

The box includes a how to play guide, as well as a code book that gives hints should you get stuck. The only thing you need to add is something to make notes on.

Playing the game:

This non-linear game is a series of puzzles set by the Ringmaster as an interview. Being non-linear, you can start anywhere and move around the carnival independently. The game is easy to follow with the aim being to collect a certain number of “points”. The puzzles are varied with a mix of maths, patterns and sequencing puzzles.

Once you have solved all the sideshow puzzles, your last task is the duck-shooting range to win as many bonus points as possible.


The hints are available in a booklet. In order to ensure that players only see the clue for the puzzle they need, the clues are scrambled and require the special decoder card to read them. There are three hints available per prop.


The final puzzle is the duck-shooting range, which requires a different type of skill and makes for a fun ending to a family game.

The game can be played again as nothing is destroyed.

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