The Casino of Chaos

The City Adventurers found themselves trying to steal a diamond called The Hope Rock. Renowned for being the world’s largest diamond, it was owned by casino owner and mob boss, Joe “Chaos” Taylor. Our plucky group set out to locate the jewel and get it out without being detected. Would we all succeed?

casino of chaos - photo by Juliamaud
casino of chaos – photo by Juliamaud

What was included

Escape From The Casino of Chaos contains instructions, four sealed envelopes containing a puzzle, plus a floor plan of the casino and the solution.

Each player takes an envelope and solves their puzzle before passing it to the next player. If you get stuck, there is a single hint provided. Play continues until each person has completed all four puzzles and located the door they need to escape via. It’s not a work together kind of game and although it says it can be played with four people, it can just as easily be played solo.

Having decided on your exit, it’s time to open the door and find out if you are correct. Most were, but not all of us!

An interesting escape game concept. Some puzzles were harder than others. Each person got to solve everything……or fail to solve a vital part and get caught.

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Join City Adventurers and solve puzzles…..

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