UNDO Curse from the Past 

Curse from The Past is another title in the UNDO series. Rather than solve puzzles, you are required to travel through time, rewriting the past. A bit like Quantum leap with cards.

The story begins with a woman falling to her death. As a “fate weaver”, you have the power to travel through time and change the events that led to this. However, you only have a limited number of moves and a limited number of things you can change each leap. Also, you need to be aware that not every change is a turn for the better!

Like the previous game (Cherry Blossom Festival ) this is not a puzzle solving escape game. But solving it is still enjoyable and takes time. We ended up playing this one a few times as the story takes place in Ancient Egypt and modern Germany, so it takes a while to see how the story flows together.

When you think you have the best outcome, you can check the solution provided with the game.

The game is available from amazon

e from the past

UNDO Curse from the Past 

Berlin, Germany, January 1994: Stunned, an old lady falls over the handrails and into the depths. Her eyes show no signs of panic, but grief about what has happened. She hurtles towards the ground from the sixth floor of a hotel, looking fondly at a tuft of blonde hair in her hand. The cold air turns her final breath into a small plume. The last things she perceives are a terrible scream from above and the city lights mingling with the stars in the nightly sky…

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