The Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat

Having played the Mystery of the Stargazer’s Manor we were looking forward to playing the Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat.

The Secret of Dr Gravely's Retreat - photo by Juliamaud
The Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat – photo by Juliamaud

The Plot

You and your friends win a free stay at Foxcrest Retreat, where the esteemed Dr. Gravely promises the best in spa treatments and rest. However, upon arriving at Foxcrest Retreat, you quickly notice that something is terribly wrong. You must discover the dark secrets of the place and escape the building before time runs out.

The Game

The game begins with you arriving at Foxerest Retreat. There is an introduction booklet that describes how to play the game and how to work the solution wheel.

There is also a “Scene 1” story card to read, which tells how you got here and that you are now trapped. The clues to escape are held in four large envelopes. To progress the story you have to move through the envelopes in order.

We played as a group of 4 and there was enough in this linear game to keep us all occupied. I wouldn’t suggest playing with a larger group though. None of the puzzle materials are destroyed, so you can reassemble the game materials for another group to play.

We particularly like that you had a choice near the end of the game which led to different outcomes. There is also a solution provided for if you fail to escape in the allotted 90 minutes.

ThinkFun Games

The Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat game is available from Amazon

Stargazer’s Manor is also available from Amazon

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