EXIT: The Enchanted Forest

The plan was to take a relaxing walk in the woods, but as the City Adventurers crossed the only bridge in we heard a loud “Whoosh”. We turned around to see the bridge had unexpectedly disappeared. We were trapped! And all of a sudden the forest began to look a lot darker and even a little spooky……

OK, so we hadn’t really got trapped in a wood, just “trapped” in an escape game. EXIT: The Enchanted Forest to be precise. Our quest was to find someone to help get the bridge rebuilt.

enchanted forest exit game
enchanted forest exit game

The Game

Included in the box is a story book with “Once Upon A Time” on the front. This guides your progress through the game. There is quite a bit of reading in this Exit game as each new puzzle begins with a fairy tale encounter. obviously, because you are making your way through the book, this is a linear game.

As we worked our way through the game we met a variety of storybook creatures and solved their puzzles. As with other Exit games, we also got an instruction booklet, different stacks of cards, a code wheel and some “unusual items.”

Exit games are known for their destructive/ play once nature and this was no exception. There was some cutting out, folding and pricking involved in solving some of the puzzles. Hint cards are available that guide you towards a solution. We sometimes found we had the right approach but had the answer in the wrong order!

As this has a fairytale theme, it may be good for families with children. There are even some “Strange Cards” to share at the end of the game that appear aimed at children rather than an adult audience. This is one of the easier Exit titles, being near the Novice end of their ratings.

EXIT: The Enchanted Forest is available from Amazon

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