The Alphabet Garden

A puzzle within a puzzle by Gale Pitt.

This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle ‘s picture contains 10 items belonging to each letter of the alphabet. The puzzle itself was not the best quality. It was hard to move the pieces around without them breaking apart. However we persevered and completed the puzzle. Finding all the items proved hard. Some were obvious – eg Butterfly for B. However some were names of plants we didn’t know – eg Xystus for X. Others were just obscure and seemed to be designed to fill out the puzzle specification – eg Uncle for U.

Other Gale Pitt puzzles are available from online retailers.

The Alphabet Garden - photo by Juliamaud
The Alphabet Garden – photo by Juliamaud
Alphabet Garden
Alphabet Garden

Discover more about Gale Pitt and her illustrations at GALE PITT ILLUSTRATIONS

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